Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Releases Additional Health Information (Video)

Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Releases Additional Health Information (Video)

Hillary Clinton has been displaying odd behavior over the past several months that has left many, including mainstream media believing that she is suffering a serious medical condition. From her uncontrollable coughing fits, to her odd facial expressions, and more recently her episode where a frail-looking Hillary collapsed during the 9/11 memorial service in lower Manhattan on Sunday morning.


Here is the footage of Hillary collapsing during the 9/11 memorial service in lower Manhattan on Sunday morning.

On July 21, a video (below) was posted on YouTube showing Hillary’s head suddenly turning and shaking vigorously for several seconds when reporters began asking her a barrage of questions.

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Fox News reported that the Hillary Clinton campaign on Wednesday released what it called a “comprehensive update” on the candidate’s medical information, describing the illness that took her off the trail this week as a mild and non-contagious bacterial pneumonia.

“She is recovering well with antibiotics and rest,” Dr. Lisa Bardack said, adding the candidate remains “healthy and fit to serve.”

Describing the pneumonia diagnosis, her doctor said she detected a “small” sign of pneumonia in the right middle-lobe of her lung.

The report follows Clinton in recent weeks having coughing spells in public and stumbling on Sunday during a 9/11 memorial service in New York City.

Clinton, the Democratic presidential nominee, abruptly left the morning event. The campaign hours later said she had been diagnosed Friday with pneumonia.

The new information also shows Clinton takes the Thyroid medication and the blood-thinner Coumadin, which was previously known. She also was recently prescribed B-12, Clarinex and Levaquin, which treats bacterial infections, which appears related to the pneumonia.


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