Hillary: I Will Call For White People Like Myself To Put Ourselves In Black People’s Shoes (Video)


I will call for white people, like myself, to put ourselves in the shoes of those African-American families who fear every time their children go somewhere, who have to have ‘The Talk,’ about, you now, how to really protect themselves [from police], when they’re the ones who should be expecting protection from encounters with police, said Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton.


According to News Ninja  What you are about to watch is a sad old liberal white grandmother who is losing all ability to think with common sense. Hillary Clinton’s ignorance on race issues just took a front line approach with this interview.

This is just more encouragement to continue conflict between people instead of encouraging everyone to get along. If everyone got along, that wouldn’t fit into her plans with Barack Obama to cause so much chaos they have to declare martial law to control everyone.

Why do these White Liberals feel the need to patronize me because I am Black? Like whites, all blacks do not necessarily share the same experiences. I don’t need Hillary’s pity. I am a man that can stand up for and do for myself. She is pathetic.

White Americans can not walk in Black American shoes nor can you comprehend what we experience on daily bases. Nor can Black Americans walk in White American shoes. We need to communicate better, show love, compassion and strive for inclusion stop dividing because of the color of our skin. We all bleed red!

What this woman does not know is that every person, no matter what race should be taught how to act and comply when it comes to adhering to police commands. The problem is, is that too many run their mouths and take action before they think or listen because many are now being taught that it’s alright to be disrespectful and not to comply with rules or laws.

How many of you think this woman will get elected in November? Share your voices below in the comment section.


  1. She just cannot give up!! There’s no possible way she will EVER be ELECTED without MASSIVE VOTER FRAUD… Wouldn’t put that past her either…


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