Hillary lays out reasons for ‘impeachment of Trump’ and receives standing ovation


For some reason Hillary Clinton feels as though she needs to be part of everything that is taking place in our political realm, especially where President Trump is involved.

On Friday, Clinton tweeted a quote by civil rights attorney and Democratic Texas Rep. Barbara Jordan from 1974 that supports the notion of shredding the Constitution when Democrats can’t get their way.

“If the impeachment provision in the Constitution of the United States will not reach the offenses charged here, then perhaps that 18th-century Constitution should be abandoned to a 20th-century paper shredder!” —Rep. Barbara Jordan, 1974

Jordan was referring to Richard Nixon’s impeachment process, and Clinton decided the notion of shredding the Constitution is appropriate if the impeachment provision will not help the Democrats oust President Trump, something they have been trying to do since he took office.

Even while out on a book tour with Chelsea Clinton promoting “Gutsy Women”, she can’t help but talk about President Trump.

From American Mirror:

Hillary Clinton’s book anti-Trump tour continues and after she made a succinct case for President Trump’s impeachment, the audience responded with a standing ovation.

Appearing alongside her daughter, Chelsea, to promote their new book “Gutsy Women” at George Washington University, Hillary said, “All bets are off if foreign governments think they can tilt the playing field as they did against me which was a deliberate, well planned effort laid out in indictments against Russian military actors and their allies.”

Hillary Clinton receives standing ovation after laying out reasoning for impeachment of Trump.

During a recent event, the twice-failed presidential candidate likened circumstances of Trump’s America to Nazi Germany.

From Campus Reform:

Clinton mentioned fascist dictators Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini and, although she never explicitly used Trump’s name, she referenced him quite frequently during her speech and repeated a few accusations against him, including Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and obstruction of justice.

Hillary barked, “I think with the rapidity with which information can be conveyed today because of the internet, it is an even more dangerous set of circumstances…