Hillary SLAMS White Women Who Voted For Trump: “Why Are They Publicly Disrespecting Themselves?” (Video)

Hillary SLAMS White Women Who Voted For Trump: “Why Are They Publicly Disrespecting Themselves?” (Video)

In an interview with MSNBC’s JoyAnn Reid Saturday, Hillary Clinton gave another ‘What Happened‘ interview and attacked white women blaming sexism and misogyny for why she lost the election to President Donald Trump.

Hillary lamented over losing women’s votes to President Trump saying that they were disrespectful to themselves, obviously referring to the 10-year old tape between Trump and Billy Bush.

“When I see women, and look, it’s predominantly white women, let’s just be clear about that. I won women, I lost white women although I got more white women’s votes than president Obama did in 2012 so this is an ongoing challenge,” Hillary said.

“But when I see women doing that, I think why are they publicly disrespecting themselves?”, Hillary continued.

Her husband, Bill Clinton, is a rapist and sexual predator and she is telling women who voted for President Trump that they are disrespecting themselves – the woman is delusional.

Cristina Laila, at the Gateway Pundit sums it up nicely:

Of course Hillary has zero self awareness as her own husband is a disgusting pervert who has been accused of alleged rape and sexual assault by many different women over the years.

Furthermore, women simply didn’t care about what Trump said on a hot mic over 10 years ago in private. We care about border security, jobs, lower taxes and strong leadership. Women want to feel safe. Hillary simply didn’t offer that as she constantly praised open borders and Islam.

Hillary Clinton demonized white people during her entire campaign. In fact, she routinely tweeted in Spanish and neglected the white voters altogether.

Truthfully, women of all ethnic backgrounds rejected Hillary for being a corrupt, lying politician. America is sick of the Clintons. It’s that simple.


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