Hillary’s Secret “Cleaner” Caught RED-HANDED After Debate: His Identity Explains Everything (Video)


Hillary Clinton’s podium appears to have been outfitted with a special light that Donald Trump’s did not.

The speculation is that the light could have been functioning as a teleprompter to feed Hillary answers. There were multiple people paying attention to her podium after the debate and they were clearly tampering with something.


According to The US Herald ,As more time passes after the first presidential debate, more and more evidence keeps surfacing showing Hillary’s many cheating tactics to give herself an edge during the debate. Rumors have been heard that she had a special “cleaner” go in to help her rig the debate. Well his true identity has since been exposed and it looks like those suspicions may have been right on the money.

In typical Hillary elitist fashion, Hillary felt that she needed a podium made just for her. As it would turn out, this ‘special’ podium wasn’t just to accommodate her exceptionally high nose. She had them add a little something extra to her custom podium to give her any advantage she could get.

Evidence is coming out that points to her podium having special “electronic capabilities.” However, luckily a few internet watchdogs were able to catch Hillary’s cleaner red-handed removing evidence from the podium in two separate trips.

Now this cleaner’s true identity has been revealed and what is truly shocking is who he works for. The cleaner, George Lewis, was seen going to the podium to remove a file that Hillary had, probably containing notes on the questions that Lester Holt was going to ask. He was also seen going back to the podium, where it appeared he had disconnected some electronic equipment and took away a small black box.

As it would turn out Lewis is a retired NBC staffer who now does “freelance” work for the highest bidder. This is all according to Lewis’ own Twitter account, which reads, “Retired NBC News correspondent now freelancing. Retweets are not endorsements. Opinions my own.”

Both Lester Holt, who clearly had it out for Trump during the debate, and Lewis both work or worked for NBC, who just so happened to host the event. It’s starting to look like somebody had all the cards.

Something else very peculiar happened that most people missed that only adds merit to this theory that the whole thing may have been fixed. When the debate was over Lewis was seen going in to grab a file from Hillary’s podium and trying to slyly pass it over to Holt.

Then Hillary’s “cleaner” went back over to her podium to disconnect some sort of electronic set up that appeared to be connected to a small black box under Hillary’s podium. Then as any “cleaner” should he removed the box and took it away.

You can see something very strange about Hillary’s podium in the video below. Pay close attention to the lit up portion of the podium and how it immediately goes black when she steps off the platform. The same feature doesn’t seem to be built into Trump’s podium.


Keep an eye on that light.

After Hillary was caught with her ‘secret’ earpiece she had to find a new way to cheat and many have speculated that this came in the form of a miniature teleprompter built into Hillary’s podium. It does look awfully strange compared to Trumps ‘bare-bones’ podium, that doesn’t appear to have any of the same bells and whistles.


“There is definitely something going on there, and we already know these were custom built lecterns (podiums) for each candidate. Whatever that is on Hillary’s lectern is not seen operational on Donald Trump’s,” says Conservative Treehouse.

If you watch the end of the debate after the debate was actually finished and the two candidates were just greeting people you can see a few people that appear to be with the “Cleaner” Lewis, looking at the cameras making sure the coast was clear, before he moved into the podium.

Now it sounds like a conspiracy theory but you can’t deny that something was a little off. Luckily for us, Hillary hasn’t proven to be too good at hiding her dirty little secrets in the past and the truth will likely come out very soon.

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Hillary’s Teleprompter inside debate podium and Cleaner Man

Photo:  Bing


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