Hit List: CNN Publishes MAP of EVERY Confederate Monument in United States


In response to President Trump speaking out on Thursday against removing Confederate statutes, saying it was uprooting American “culture” and history –  CNN posted a HIT-LIST map on Friday that shows the location of approximately 1,500 Confederate monuments and/or official symbols in the U.S.

In tweets, Trump argued the “history and culture of our great country” is “being ripped apart” by the removal of “beautiful” statutes. He referenced efforts to remove monuments to Confederate Gens. Robert E. Lee and Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson because of their fighting against the United States for slave-owning states in the Civil War.

CNN’s response was this headline, an obvious, and direct retort: ‘Trump defends Confederate statues: Here are 1,500 symbols of the Confederacy in the US’ … So we are going to tell all the Antifa and BLM thugs where they are.


CNN reported: “Roughly 1,500 Confederate symbols still exist on public land more than 150 years after the conclusion of the Civil War.” It explains that 718 of the Confederate symbols are “monuments and statutes.”

Breitbart reports that the outlet embedded a Southern Poverty Law Center/CNN map of the U.S. in the article–a map complete with green, blue, and red dots to signify the locations of the Confederate symbols.

The green dots show schools with Confederate namesakes, the blue dots show courthouses that have Confederate monuments/statues, and the red dots show “parks, trails, monuments, municipalities, holidays, buildings, flags” that are maintained.

CNN then lists states that are heavy with Confederate symbols, citing Virginia as “the state with the most Confederate symbols [at] 223.” It adds that “Texas, Georgia, North Carolina, Mississippi, South Carolina and Alabama each have more than 100 Confederate symbols each.”

The same activists President Trump labeled the “alt-left” will no doubt use this information as they search for state and city leaders prone to capitulation.



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