HIT LIST: Facebook Zuckerberg Helping Huffington Post Publish NAMES And PHOTOS Of People Who Oppose Migrant Invasion


HIT LIST: With the help of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, the Huffington Post is publishing the NAMES and PHOTOS of people who oppose the migrant invasion!

The Huffington Post (Germany), with the help of Mark Zuckerberg, is publishing the names and photos of people who comment on Facebook that they oppose the migrant invasion. If you post a comment on their site, or on Facebook, or any social media, you will be named.

The HP is a global news organization that is putting a target on anyone’s head that refuses to adhere with the leftist/Islamic war on freedom. These are the lengths the left will go to impose the Sharia (Islamic law) on society.


Pamela Geller:

Pure evil!

I have long said the media is the enemy. It’s why I refer to them as the enemedia. They abdicated their role as a news gathering entity and morphed into an activist organization viciously pursuing an anti-freedom agenda.

Germans that are posting anti-refugee posts on Facebook or any other social media site, are being shut down. Facebook, Twitter, etc, and their faces and accounts are being posted. It’s  a witch hunt.

Photos: Pamela Geller



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