HOLIDAY HORROR: At Least 9 Dead, 50 Hurt In Attack At Christmas Market In Berlin (Video)


A big rig truck plowed into a crowded Christmas market in Berlin on Monday killing at least 9 and at least 50 others in what police believe is a deliberate attack.

Police said on Twitter that the truck rammed into the market outside the capital’s popular Christmas market at the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church on Monday evening, according to Fox News.

At first glance, police said the incident appears to be an attack, but an investigation is underway, DPA reported.


Witness Mike Fox told The Associated Press at the scene that the large truck missed him by only about three meters as it drove into the market, tearing through tables and wooden stands.

“It was definitely deliberate,” said the tourist from Birmingham, England.

He said he helped people who appeared to have broken limbs, and that others were trapped under Christmas stands.

The crash happened in Breitscheidplatz, a major public square in the city in a chilling echo of the deadly terror attack in Nice earlier this year, The Sun reports.

A manhunt is now believed to be under way to find the driver, with police saying they believe it almost certainly was a deliberate attack.

Local media reported that the truck has Police license plates.

It comes weeks after Isis threatened massacres at Christmas markets and events.

The shocking incident comes just days after organizers of a festive market in Birmingham installed concrete barriers over fears of a terror attack.

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