Homeless ‘Subway Soprano’ Performs at Historic Little Italy Celebration (Video)


‘Subway Soprano’ Emily Zamourka, whose voice echoed throughout the country after a video of an impromptu performance on a train platform was shared by a Los Angeles police officer went viral last week took the stage for a brief concert during Saturday’s Historic Little Italy Sign Unveiling & Festa in downtown San Pedro.

The Russian-born singer sang the same Italian opera piece that garnered her international attention.

“I’m not a professional singer, but I’m very critical to how I’m going to sound or how I’m going to perform,” she said. “It has to be delivered right. It’s not easy, so that’s why today I will apologize in front of everybody, because they probably thought I’m going to bring a [bigger] repertoire or something. It’s going to be the same song that they know me from the subway [for].”

Speaking to RT’s video agency Ruptly after her performance Zamourka said she felt “like never before in her entire life.” She sang an aria from Italian opera composer Giacomo Puccini.

It all started with a Twitter post uploaded by a Los Angeles police officer to the LAPD account, that simply stated:

“4 million people call LA home. 4 million stories. 4 million voices…sometimes you just have to stop and listen to one, to hear something beautiful,” made her an overnight sensation.

This simple tweet launched the miraculous transformation of Zamourka’s life from a homeless woman sleeping on the cardboard to a celebrity with an offer of a recording contract from Grammy-nominated producer.

According to TMZ, Zamourka caught the attention of Joel Diamond, who has worked with the likes of David Hasselhoff and famed singer Engelbert Humperdinck. The producer hopes to create a “huge classical-EDM crossover hit record” with her, which will be entitled ‘Paradise’. It’s not clear if she has accepted the offer, the outlet reported.

Zamourka experienced some heartrending circumstances being homeless before reaching this high point in her life. Her prized $10,000 violin was grabbed and destroyed by a man after a street performance in 2016, depriving her of her main source of income. She was then pushed off a bus, resulting in a fractured wrist, which ended her playing career. She also suffered severe health problems, and was eventually unable to pay her rent.

I don’t deserve all those bad things that people did to me, I’ve never done anything bad to anybody, all I wanted was to touch people’s spirits with my music.

There are now hundreds of fans donating to Emily via a GoFundMe account to help her out, with more than $72,000 raised since Tuesday. She burst into tears, describing how hopeful she had previously been that some of the videos of her singing taken by passers-by would attract attention.

People recorded me a lot but I’ve never seen it. So I guess now they get to be revealed and it just touches me because… I want to go back to how it was, and this is going to help me.

It seems that she will get her wish. Music producer Joel Diamond, who made her a contract offer, earlier said that he’s already recorded some tracks, which feature “a classical crossover with EDM.” An album titled Paradise is now in the works.