HOMELESS Veteran Camp Ordered To DISMANTLE While Refugees Get Food, Cash And Benefits For LIFE (Video)

HOMELESS Veteran Camp Ordered To DISMANTLE While Refugees Get Food, Cash And Benefits For LIFE (Video)

How many times has President Obama told the American people that it is our ‘duty’ to help the thousands of refugees that need and deserve American generosity, he went so far as to say it’s ‘shameful,’ and un-American if we don’t.


Do you want to know what’s shameful and un-American Mr. Obama, a well organized homeless veteran camp in Phoenix, Arizona being told to dismantle and GET OUT a week before Christmas! Our nations veterans should be your top priority, not your Muslim refugees and illegals.  

How dare you spend BILLIONS of our tax dollars to house and care for illegals and immigrants when our nations heroes are sleeping on the street!

You are a disgrace to this country.

PHOENIX (KSAZ) – After more than three months in the same location, a camp for homeless veterans has been told it has to dismantle by Thursday.

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Complaints from nearby businesses and neighbors led to the shutdown.

The timing is horrible, with just over a week until Christmas some veterans are getting the boot.

Word spread that the encampment for homeless veterans in Sunnyslope will have to be dismantled this week.

“It’s upsetting, it’s sickening to me, and a lot of people here,” said Aaron Pomrenke.

Pomrenke says the owner of the lot is under pressure by the City of Phoenix, who gave the camp until Thursday to leave.

City officials say the camp is in violation of the camping overnight code, amongst others.

“It’s not a situation where we disagree with the mission at all, it’s a noble mission, but it is a violation of city ordinances,” said spokesperson Tamara Ingersoll.

Some people in the community who have helped support Camp Alpha say they hate seeing vets treated like this.

“Why can’t we put resources towards our own veterans, the people who have fought for this country to keep it safe. The City of Phoenix is taking homeless veterans that have a camp, that’s getting the help they need, and kicking them out on the streets. Merry Christmas vets, get out,” said Pomrenke.

Throughout the day workers from the City of Phoenix, State Dept. of Veteran’s Services, and community groups came to Camp Alpha to help in placing homeless vets in housing.

“We can place every single one of these vets in housing, we have placement for all of them,” said Ingersoll.



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