House Dem Wants To Ban ICE Agents From Identifying As Police (Video)


A bill introduced last week by a Democratic congresswoman aims to stop Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers from wearing clothing labeled with the word “police.”

Rep. Nydia Velázquez, who was born in Puerto Rico and represents Brooklyn, New York, says it’s deceiving for ICE agents to identify as police officers while conducting immigration raids, Fox News reports.

“Not only are ICE raids an unconscionable attack on our most vulnerable communities, any attempt by immigration officers to deceivingly pose as local police ought to be prohibited,” Velazquez said in a statement. “I’ve heard firsthand from families who fear reporting crime or engaging with the police due to the potential of getting caught up with immigration agents. This only makes our communities less safe.”

Sarah Rodriguez, an ICE spokeswoman, said the term “police” is accurate for ICE agents, as it’s the “universally recognized term for law enforcement.”

On “Outnumbered” today, Fox News contributor Anthony Scaramucci called for lawmakers to “end the political correctness” and actually enforce federal immigration law.

“I don’t know why the other side gets so sore at that,” said Scaramucci, who served on President Trump’s transition team.

“My ancestors, possibly your ancestors, we all came in the same way. Why can’t we do it in the way that’s pursuant to the law?”

Meghan McCain agreed, saying that Velázquez and other liberals are using this semantic “red herring” to attack Trump’s immigration enforcement policies.

“Not only is it shortsighted, I think ultimately it will be ineffective,” McCain said, suggesting that Democrats instead focus on actually debating the issue and getting Americans on their side.


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