How Embarrassing! Harris Grills Kavanaugh About Mueller Only to Find Out He Worked With Him (Video)


On Thursday, presidential hopeful Kamala Harris grilled Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh about having contact with Robert Mueller and the Kasowitz Benson Torres law firm. Harris seemed determined to prove that Judge Kavanaugh had spoken with someone at the law firm about Mueller’s special counsel. She even gave the impression that she knew about such an encounter.

Harris, D-Calif., pointedly asked Kavanaugh whether he ever had discussed Special Counsel Robert Mueller or his Russia probe with anyone at Kasowitz Benson Torres, the law firm founded by Marc Kasowitz, a former personal attorney to President Trump.

“Be sure about your answer,” Harris warned. “I’m asking you a very direct question. Yes or no?”

“I’m not sure I know everyone who works at that law firm,” Kavanaugh said. “I’m not remembering, but I’m happy to be refreshed.”

“How can you not remember whether or not you had a conversation about Robert Mueller or his investigation with anyone at that law firm?” Harris asked, visibly exasperated. “This investigation has only been going on for so long, sir, so please answer the question.”

“I’m just trying to think — do I know anyone who works at that firm?” Kavanaugh eventually replied. “I’d like to know the person you’re thinking of.”

“I think you’re thinking of someone and you don’t want to tell us,” Harris shot back, sending the room into a few seconds of near-total silence.

Utah Republican Sen. Mike Lee then interjected briefly to defend Kavanaugh, saying that “this town is full of law firms” and that they “are constantly metastasizing, they break off, they form new firms — they’re like rabbits. There’s no possible way we can expect this witness to know who populates an entire firm.”

While being grilled by Harris about Bob Mueller Kavanaugh informed her that he used to work with Mueller, “You ask if I ever had a discussion about Bob Mueller, I used to work in the administration with Bob Mueller.”

Harris was looking for an ‘I gotcha moment’, but what Kavanaugh pointed out is that he talks to many judges and lawyers, and as he repeatedly asked, who specifically was she referring to because, according to the firm’s website, Kasowitz employs more than 250 attorneys, not including dozens of staff members. As Kavanaugh stated, there is no way of knowing if someone he spoke to was associated with Kasowitz Benson Torres law firm.

Of course the mainstream media will have a field day with this session claiming that Kavanaugh refused to answer, when in fact he did, but the media will not report that Kasowitz law firm employs hundreds of lawyers who the judge may, or may not have spoken to.

Here is the Democratic party’s presidential hopeful interrogating Judge Kavanaugh about Robert Mueller.

Fox News reports:

Outbursts from protesters have been a recurring feature since the hearings began. Moments after Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley opened the hearing Wednesday, shouting could be heard from the back of the room: “Sham president, sham justice!” Ironically, at one point, protesters shouted as Kavanaugh discussed how he tried to be respectful in court. “I’ve tried to be a very collegial judge, I’ve tried to be civil,” he said.

Kavanaugh served for more than a decade on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals and, before that, for five years as a lawyer in the White House Counsel’s office in the George W. Bush administration. He also worked for independent counsel Ken Starr for three years during the probe that led to the impeachment of former President Bill Clinton.

Kavanaugh’s elevation from the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals to the Supreme Court would mark a generational rightward shift on the Supreme Court, raising the stakes beyond those of last year’s nomination of Neil Gorsuch.

The judge’s nomination, though, will ultimately succeed or fail depending on a handful of swing-vote senators, including vulnerable red-state Democrats and moderate pro-choice Republicans who have all said that they would withhold judgment on the nominee.

Republicans command a narrow 51-49 Senate majority. Party leaders have said they hope to have Kavanaugh confirmed by a floor vote by early October, when the next Supreme Court term begins. Read the full article here.


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