How much more racist can you get!


University Offers “Anti-Racist” Training – For White People Only…!

It’s amazed how liberals spend their free time, which they seem to have way too much of. When they’re not talking about how great Obama is – GAG – or how it’s George W. Bush’s fault, they’re talking about how horrible white people are… and yet they call white people racist!

The latest in these attempts to hypersensitize students is at UC-Berkeley, where they’re hosting “White Anti-Racist Training” to teach white people how to address “white privilege” in “queer and women’s communities.” Really? How much more racist can you get and yet, where is the outrage – – there is none, why, because to protest would be racist!

This will not stop until people say enough!

By: Rebel Rebellion III%



UNREAL! Is it RACIST that this white person speaks like this about his own race? WATCH THE CLASS:



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