How Would You React If Your Neighbor Was Flying The ISIS Flag: It Just Happened Here In The U.S.


A resident in Garwood, New Jersey is generating a great deal of controversy for flying the flag of the terrorist group ISIS that’s been terrorizing the Middle East.

Police in Garwood, New Jersey, confirmed that a militant flag associated with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL or ISIS) was removed from the front of a local home after hundreds of online activists expressed fear and revulsion.

Garwood Police Chief Bruce D. Underhill confirmed to the Washington Free Beacon that officers were “aware of the situation” and residents at the suburban home “voluntarily” agreed to remove the flag.


Recently, an ISIS sympathizer in the United States who pledged allegiance to the terrorist group was detained at JFK without bail. Clearly, ISIS supporters and possibly even members of the group itself are here in the United States. As this is a national security issue, we can only hope that the proper steps are taken to prevent any threats from ISIS carrying out their plans.

Multiple calls to a number associated with the New Jersey address were not answered and a resident did not respond to messages left seeking comment. Messages sent to a Facebook account believed to be associated with one of the residents also were not answered by press time.

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  1. For all nearby residents who wish to object
    1) Get a security system with cameras on your home, because you will need the evidence
    2) Make sure you sufficient Guns in the house to protect yourself when terrorist supports come to “express” their views
    3) Post a bunch of AMERICAN flags on your property
    4) Wait for the terrorists to come to behead you.

  2. TRUMP said New Jersey Muslims were celebrating the fall of the Twin Towers and they were. Now they are flying enemy flags. Trump for President, 2016.


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