Huge Court Ruling Paves Way to Ensure Only US Citizens Can Vote!


A victory for sure! A federal judge in Kansas ordered federal election authorities to help Kansas and Arizona require proof of citizenship of registering voters, in a decision that could well set a trend for other Republican-dominated states.

Last June the Supreme Court ruled that Congress holds full power over federal election rules, but indicated that states could require proof of citizenship in state and local elections. Federal rules require that voters only need to sign a form attesting to their citizenship, a procedure favored by Democrats who want to increase participation of minorities and the poor in elections, but that Republican officials say fosters voter fraud and ensures Democratic votes; FRAUD!

Judge Eric F. Melgren of United States District Court in Wichita ruled that the federal Election Assistance Commission had no legal authority to deny requests from Kansas and Arizona to add state-specific instructions to a national voter registration form. The states sued the agency to force the action after it had turned them down.

Let’s hope this sets the precedence for other states to follow suit and end what’s come to be known as fraudulent elections. The blatant fraud committed during Obama’s second term has still not been addressed!

~Rebel Rebellion III%








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