Hundreds Of Complaints, Class Action Lawsuit Against ‘Clinton University’: “Nothing But A SCAM!”

Hundreds Of Complaints, Class Action Lawsuit Against ‘Clinton University’: “Nothing But A SCAM!”

They ‘got paid millions and I got stuck with $120,000 debt!’ The Clintons are involved in another scandal, this time over the Clinton-backed, for-profit college Laureate Education.

A victim of Laureate Education came forward with accusations that Walden University Online is nothing but a SCAM that piles tens of thousands of dollars of debt on unsuspecting students while delaying degrees or failing to deliver them.

“When I signed up for Walden Education in January 2009, I was told I would get my Doctor of Education degree by December 2011, after two years study for a cost of $40,000,” explained Teresa Ferguson, a mother of three teenagers who resides outside Atlanta.

“That was OK with me. I could accept two years and $40,000, but that isn’t the way it happened,” she explained. “With Walden, I was hit with delays and program change after program change, so it took me two extra years and I ended up with $120,000 in tuition debt. I’m a schoolteacher. How am I ever going to pay off a debt like that?”

Walden University Online: ‘A complete scam’

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WND reported that at Walden, once she had completed her required courses, Ferguson faced a series of changes in her dissertation advisers and in the chair of the education department she alleges were intentionally designed to extend the enrollment time needed to get her doctorate. The delay forced her to pay additional tuition far above her initial expectations.

“Laureate Education is a scam,” Ferguson, a teacher of English as a second language at a county high school, told WND in an email and telephone interview.

“Bill Clinton makes $16 million being ‘honorary chairman’ at Laureate while Walden Online University ruined my life,” she said. “I have three teenage children, and now I have no clue how we’ll pay for their college with my student debt so high.”


WND reported last week Laureate Education paid $16 million to Bill Clinton to be the group’s pitchman while the State Department funneled $55 million to Laureate when Hillary Clinton was secretary of state.

Ferguson participated in a class action suit, Travis et al v. Walden University LLC, that was filed in U.S. District Court in the District of Maryland and dismissed in 2015.

“I pray you will do the research (to) expose how badly Walden is hurting their students,” she wrote to WND in an email. “Laureate Education and the Clintons should not be allowed to get away with this.”

But Ferguson has not yet stopped fighting.

“I am one of the many Walden students who are trying to sue the college for their many delays, changes in committees, and fraud against their own policies. It should not be allowed,” she told WND. “Our group is still fighting and trying to get a new lawyer, but we need someone who can be a voice for us.”

There are hundreds of student complaints filed online. 

Complaints from Walden University Online graduate students have been posted on websites such as and, maintained as a National Consumer Complaint Forum, all support Ferguson’s accusations.

“Gordon C.” explained in a post two days ago on why he wants to join a class action suit against the school:

I have had such a bad experience with Walden that I too would like to join a class action lawsuit. I found instructors to be very dismissive, complaining that they did not have time, and only to find out that this was a side job for them in that they worked for another institution besides Walden. I now owe $20, 000 with nothing to show for it. Yes let me know if I can join. Interesting how Bill Clinton took $16 million from this institution and the government won’t take action. I think I smell a rat here. Hillary will lose my vote over this.

On Feb. 28, “Very Disappointed Student” criticized the instructors in a post on

It is going on six maybe seven years and I have not gotten my prospectus approved. I am totally disappointed with Walden University. The instructors are rude and some are pompous and narcissistic. The program does not prepare students for the dissertation. I am in the thick of it financially and have stuck it out this far. Either staff resign or those that sit for you temporarily are getting their pockets lined. No I would never refer anyone to attend Walden it has become a nightmare. Do not go there it truly SUCKS!!!

On April 18, “Dr. Jackson” told of a fruitless seven years as a doctoral student on


I am a Doctoral Student Consultant and have been working with a Doctoral student at Walden University. We have been working together for the past 7 years and still haven’t gotten anything accomplished. She is now on her 3rd chair who mistakenly sent an ugly email to her which was meant for another colleague of his. In the email to the colleague, the chair suggested that he should probably dissuade the student from continuing since she has reached her 8th year and is a poor writer. What kind of chair says that about a student? As a partner in this with my student, I deeply disgusted and my student is heartbroken. If there is a lawsuit pending against them and you have a good lawyer, please pass their information along.

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