Hundreds of Job Vacancies at VA Hospitals That Claimed to be Short-Staffed


Despite widespread allegations of veterans being neglected and waiting for care, hundreds of jobs remain unfilled at the Department of Veterans Affairs, including many at the very locations where doctors supposedly were too short-staffed to see patients resulting in veterans dying. Once again I find myself wondering when justice will be done to an administration riddled with deceit and treason against We the People.

This offense to our Vets is unforgivable and demands not only those involved be fired, but those who were aware this was taking place should also be held accountable. Those who falsified the records should be held responsible for the deaths and charged accordingly.


A search of the words “VA” and “physician” produced 167 job openings with top-range salaries of roughly $295,000 a year. There are 18 openings alone in the Phoenix VA Health Care System which is the same one facing allegations that up to 40 people died while waiting for treatment. One full-time position is for the chief of medicine; how many applied, and why is this position still vacant?

The vacancy, posted April 15 and open until June 13, comes with an annual salary up to $235,000 and somehow it went unfilled? The VA pitches the job as a don’t-miss opportunity. The ad boasts that “as a VA physician, your opportunities are endless” and the agency offers “generous paid time off and a variety of predictable and flexible scheduling opportunities.”


Pete Hegseth, CEO of Concerned Veterans for America, questioned why the department didn’t better prepare for the returning veterans by staffing up. “These are self-inflicted wounds. This isn’t a money issue. This is a prioritization issue,” he said. “They knew there were going to be more veterans who needed care. Why didn’t they prepare?”

So why the vacancies, at such a critical time?

Whistleblowers have come forward to criticize how the agency is handling its massive caseload and neglecting veterans in dire need of medical care. The allegations accuse local VA facilities of putting off patients and then manipulating their own records to make it seem like they’re receiving care in a timely manner.

Officials, in explaining the overburdened system, pointed to the influx of veterans from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as the long-term care of aging vets from Vietnam. “We go into Afghanistan, leave Afghanistan for Iraq with unfinished business in Afghanistan,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday, suggesting these problems were years in the making. “Ten years later, we have all of these additional veterans — in the past five years, two million more veterans needing benefits from the VA. That’s a huge, huge increase. ”So why did this happen Ms. Pelosi, and what excuses will you come up with to cover for Obama’s inept administration; or will Obama once again claim no knowledge.

The hundreds of vacancies show that the VA, with the influx of veterans a well-known factor, is not even operating at full capacity now and there is no good reason not to be. Pete Hegseth, CEO of Concerned Veterans for America stated, “These are self-inflicted wounds. This isn’t a money issue. This is a prioritization issue,” he said. “They knew there were going to be more veterans who needed care. Why didn’t they prepare?”

This offense against veterans demands answers and those not only responsible but aware of the events taking place all be fired without benefits! Those in positions of authority should be held accountable for the deaths and charged accordingly!






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