Hurricane Victim on President Trump: “I Had a Different Opinion of Him, Now I Think He’s a Wonderful Man”

Hurricane Victim on President Trump: “I Had a Different Opinion of Him, Now I Think He’s a Wonderful Man”

You won’t hear about testimonies like this from mainstream media. 

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania visited with the victims of Hurricane Harvey on Saturday in Houston, TX and during one stop at a Houston shelter he hugged the children and took selfies with the victims.

Hurricane victim Shanna Miles and Likisha Collins spoke to President Trump and then told ABC:

“I had a different opinion of him, now I think he’s a wonderful man. He’s a really cool dude when you get to meet him!”

President Donald J. Trump made a surprise visit to a Houston shelter. Shanna Miles & Likisha Collins had a chance to…

Posted by Elex Michaelson on Saturday, September 2, 2017

At the shelter the president said he saw “a lot of love” in the wake of devastation left by Harvey.

“We saw a lot of happiness,” he told reporters after he and first lady Melania Trump greeted children in the kids’ zone in NRG Center, an emergency refuge for people who were forced out of their homes. “As tough as this was, it’s been a wonderful thing.”

ABC reported that the president reiterated that support in a tweet as he rode to the NRG Center in Houston on Saturday. At the site, he called the federal, state and local response to the disaster “fantastic.”

“I think people appreciate what’s been done,” he said. “It’s been done very efficiently, very well. And that’s what we want.”

More than 17,000 people have sought refuge in Texas shelters, the American Red Cross said earlier this week. NRG Center opened Tuesday, one of a few mega-shelters housing hundreds of displaced people.

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