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AMERICANS NEED TO UNITE UNDER ONE BANNER – THE AMERICAN FLAG! Stop hyphenating – it’s dividing us! You are not an African-American, or Latin-American or Asian-American and can’t be an ILLEGAL American if you are here ILLEGALLY! YOU’RE AN AMERICAN, SO ACT LIKE IT! Be proud of your heritage, but be prouder to be an American first and foremost and stand your ground which happens to be the United States of America, and Americans fly the American flag proudly!

Until we put our petty differences aside, the Elite will continue to rule and dominate! The United States of America belongs to the American People! We the People are the majority and rightful owners of this land, and that is why they fear us, want our guns, put poisonous ingredients in our food, dumb down our children, impose harmful vaccines and fluoride that is proven as unneeded and harmful, and are indoctrinating our children and enforcing Common Core. They want us fighting each other and encourage racial division to keep us unaware and distracted! They want blacks fighting whites, and the so called black community leaders thrive and profit off seeing their brothers and sisters strung out and on welfare – go ahead and call me racist but truth beckons and it’s slapping you in the face – no one is responsible for making your life better except you!! You want a better future for your children than set a better example, a strong moral foundation and teach them to reach for the moon – the worst that will happen is they will land among the stars!

The government and the Elite want a one world order even though the people of the world have not accepted these unconstitutional terms, the Elite have, and who the hell are the UN to think they are good enough to dictate a world order; I want to see their life history and know as much about them as they claim the right to know about me! Why is it only being enforced on AMERICANS! Why aren’t they going after the terrorist countries that marry and rape little girls and murder anyone who does not follow their faith; how about going after the Al-Qaeda and Muzrat-Brotherhhood – shut down that terrorist front CAIR! Stop building mosques in American cities that are being used as fronts for terrorists and you can take your sharia law and shove it!! Here’s a thought, use the energy they are putting into taking legal, law abiding American’s guns and go after the criminals on the streets – and let’s start with Washington DC on May 16!! I have a news flash for these unconstitutional gun grabbing SOB’s – you come onto MY property and attempt to infringe on MY unalienable Constitution rights and I will take all legal and Constitutional measures to protect myself, MY property and MY children so Molon Labe & Carpe’ Diem!

WAKE THE FLOCK UP PATRIOTS and unite before it’s too late – We the People are the majority!! There are millions of us and how many of them? May 16 march on DC, and if you can’t make it to DC than march on your federal and state buildings and make your voice heard – WE THE PEOPLE ARE AWAKE AND NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS TYRANNYANYMORE! Call your Senators and tell them they are fired!! Don’t like Common Core indoctrination – call your principals and school boards and yell! Have a national Common Core protest day and keep your children out of school; I started homeschooling this year!

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WAKE THE FLOCK UP PEOPLE! More than your unalienable Constitutional rights are at risk here – – our freedom and our children’s future are in jeopardy – STAND YOUR GROUND and do not surrender your unalienable rights that are protected by the Constitution!

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God bless American and the Republic for which it stands ~Rebel Rebellion III%