If Same-Sex Couples Can Marry Why Not Polygamist: Man Applies For Marriage License To Have Two Wives


If same-sex couples can marry why not a polygamist.



Nathan Collier, 46, has appeared on TLC’s reality TV show “Sister Wives” with Victoria, whom he married in 2000, and Christine, with whom he joined in a 2007 religious ceremony. They have seven children of their own and from previous relationships.

Collier said that the U.S. Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage inspired him to try to force the acceptance of polygamous marriages. 

Collier said that Yellowstone County Courthouse officials initially denied the application Tuesday. When he told officials he planned to sue, they said they would consult with the county attorney before giving him a final answer.

Yellowstone County chief civil litigator Kevin Gillen told reporters that he is reviewing Montana’s bigamy laws and expects to send a formal response to Mr. Collier by next week.

“I think he deserves an answer,” Mr. Gillen said, but added that his review is finding that “the law simply doesn’t provide for that yet

Montana and other states outlaw bigamy and consider any such marriage invalid.

Traditional values groups have been warning that striking gender from the definition of marriage will permit striking the number of people in marriage. Moreover, polygamy — unlike same-sex marriage, which is a historical novelty — has ancient roots and is practiced by millions of Muslims and Africans, about 30,000 fundamentalist Mormon groups in the U.S., and an unknown number of Christians around the world.

I wonder how Barack Hussein Obama will weigh in on this one. 


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