Ilhan Omar’s activist daughter says Trump’s ‘actions are harming millions of people’ (Video)


Children across the country were permitted time off school on Friday to join in the Global Climate Strike. Among the organizers was 16-year-old high schooler Isra Hirsi, the co-founder of the U.S. Youth Climate Strike and daughter of Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. Hirsi helped to launch U.S. Youth Climate Strike the same month her mother took office.

Hirsi joined host Amy Goodman on the left-wing program Democracy Now! on Friday to talk about her role in climate activism and her thoughts on climate change. Goodman asked if she had a message for Trump.

“President Trump, your actions are actually harming people. Millions of people across this country are being impacted by [your inaction],” Hirsi said. “Us young people are not going to stand down and allow this inaction to continue.”

“We will continue to be on the streets until we see some change from your office,” Hirsi continued. “We are going to be voting you out because we need a leader that is actually going to take action on this incredible crisis.”