Illegal Alien Smothered 4-Year-Old Niece To Death, While Raping Her

Illegal Alien Smothered 4-Year-Old Niece To Death, While Raping Her

Conrado Juarez, an illegal alien has smothered his four year old niece toddler with a pillow over her face, as he brutally raped her.


Illegal Alien Crime reports NEW YORK, NY  Conrado Juarez, 52, appeared in a Manhattan courtroom for a formal, pre-trial hearing, in which the shocking details under which his sister’s young daughter was murdered were publicly disclosed for the first time, twenty-five years after the toddler’s grisly death.

In 1991, the 4-year-old girl’s defiled, decomposing body was discovered by police inside a small cooler, covered with soda cans, alongside a heavily traveled road.

The victim, known then only as “Baby Hope,” went unclaimed and was given a proper funeral only after New York City police officers took up a collection for the service.

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A name was not given to the tiny victim until 2013, when she was identified as Angelica Castillo, who went missing from her Bronx apartment, two decades earlier.

Prosecutors played the illegal alien’s videotaped confession, as those attending the proceedings gasped as his sickening words…

The New York Post reported:

What can I do? It happened,” Conrado Juarez is heard telling detectives on the videotape as he shrugs his shoulders after confessing to the heinous crime.

“I can’t go back in time and change things. I can’t go back in time.”

Juarez told detectives he was returning to his sister’s home around 1 a.m. drunk after work when he had spotted the sleepy girl in the hallway wearing a nightie.

He beckoned her into a spare room, and the little girl crawled up onto the bed, he confessed on the tape. He then assaulted and killed her.

Juarez actually smothered the toddler with a pillow over her face, as he brutally raped her.

Once the girl stopped breathing, he called his sister, Balvina Juarez-Ramirez, from another room, who actually helped him cover up the unthinkable act.

The New York Daily News reported:

She brought him a filthy cooler — as the other family members living there remained unaware of the cruelty underway just down the hall.

Juarez and his sister, who is now dead, carried the cooler out of the apartment and took a black livery cab to Manhattan, where they dumped the icebox along a wooded stretch of the Henry Hudson Parkway.

“They then separated and Juarez returned to the Bronx and his sister to Queens,” [NYC Police Commissioner Ray] Kelly said, “never to speak of the heinous act again until the NYPD investigators, through their relentless investigation, caught up with Juarez.”

The two monsters folded the girl’s body in-half to fit inside the cooler.

Juarez has been charged with second-degree murder. His trial is scheduled to begin on Sept. 8.

If convicted, the Mexican national faces between 25 years to life in prison.

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