Illegal IRS Audits Rob Tea Party Supporters of Their Life Savings


A Washington, D.C., attorney who represents several tea party and conservative nonprofits said Tea party supporters are losing their life savings due to the latest illegal IRS targeting of tea party and conservatives.


 The IRS was able to isolate the tea party donors from its extensive information requests sent to tea party groups over the past two to three years.

Cleta Mitchell, who says singling them out for expensive, and extremely harsh and ruthless audits is illegal and is costing some people their retirement savings. “I actually had been concerned about this for some time,” said Mrs. Mitchell Friday, as a guest on the “Ernest Istook Show” on the Washington Times Radio Network, “because I’ve had so many people from around the country who have contacted me” due to her many media interviews concerning the IRS targeting of the tea party.


Mitchell said she and Jenny Beth Martin, president of Tea Party Patriots, have been hearing the same stories about IRS audits:

“What people are telling us is that they had never been audited before and then they gave money or they gave in-kind services or they were involved with a tea party or conservative organization, and they were immediately subjected to audit.”

Mitchell described what she heard repeatedly from the people who were audited:

“When they went with their CPA or their accountant or their lawyer to speak with the auditors from the IRS, … the professionals came out of the meetings saying, ‘I’ve never seen the IRS act like that before.’ … that they are very brusque, they’re very rude, they almost come in with an agenda … that the auditor has already found the person guilty.”

We still don’t know who ordered the audits, but it’s a fair assumption that it would have needed to involve others at the IRS, not just Lois Lerner, the former head of tax-exempt organizations. Lerner has been held in contempt of Congress but claims she is entitled to Fifth Amendment protection from testifying about what she knows.


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