The media is so focused on the shooting of Michael Brown that they ignored the murder of former Marine vet and border patrol agent Javier Vega Jr.  Racial hatred and bigotry sells news and that’s all the media cares about. They don’t care about justice or the truth.


While the family was enjoying their day of fishing, illegal Mexicans Gustavo Tijernia, 30 and Ismael Hernandez 40 pulled up in their car and tried to rob Vega family. Instinctively, Vega Jr. reached for his gun but before he could pull it to defend his family, the Mexicans shot him in the chest. Vega Sr. grabbed his son’s gun and began to shoot at the Mexican robbers when they returned fire, hitting him in the hip. Senior has since been released from the hospital. Reportedly, Marie grabbed an AR-15 and shot at the murderers as they drove off.

According to court records, Tijerina, who also goes by the name Tijerina-Sandoval, pleaded guilty to entering the U.S. illegally on July 9, 2007. He was given a 30-day sentence with credit for time served and charged a $10 fee. The station also reported both Tijernia, 30 and Hernandez, 40 had been arrested and deported numerous times.


Pall bearers carry a casket containing the remains of Javier, 36, out of St. Francis Xavier Church in La Feria, Texas on Thursday

As the two illegal’s sped away, they crashed their car and took refuge in nearby home. The home owner was fortunate and managed to notify Border Patrol and the house was soon surrounded and the two men captured. They have been charged with capital murder, attempted capital murder, four counts of aggravated robbery and tampering with evidence.

The ruthless killing has again highlighted the border crisis plaguing the Obama administration which is struggling to contain a huge wave of illegal immigration across the border with Mexico which has stretched authorities to breaking point this year.

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Ismael Hernandez, left, and Gustavo Tijerina, right, had both been arrested and deported numerous times but came back across the border with seeming impunity. Tijerna could also face charges in connection with a string of attacks linked to the infamous Gulf Cartel

Maria Vega who watched her cop son gunned down in front of her, his wife and his children allegedly at the hands of two illegal immigrants has vowed not to rest until his ‘worthless piece of s**t’ killers are dead.’

Heartbroken, Maria was on a family fishing trip with her husband Javier, son Javier Jr., his wife Paola and their three children when they were ambushed by two armed Mexican illegal immigrants who have been deported SIX times before in total.

‘My sweet sweet baby. I failed you oh sweet child of mine. I was supposed to protect you and keep you safe. I failed to save your life. I wish a million times I had died and not you. You are my life, my heart was ripped out when I lost you. I will not rest until these worthless pieces of s*** are dead’  ~ Marie Vega


Javier Vega Jr’s wife Paola (left), mother Marie (center) and father Javier (right), stand over his casket as he was buried with full military honors  

As his coffin was carried out at the end of the ceremony, officers held up the flags of The Border Patrol, The US Marine Corp and The Stars and Stripes. Javier was a Border Patrol veteran of six years and had previously served in the U.S. Marine Corp.

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