‘Impeach Trump’ Billionaire Tom Steyer Prepares to Launch Presidential Bid


Liberal billionaire Tom Steyer, who spent $10 million on a national ad campaign in 2017 calling for President Trump’s impeachment, is preparing to launch his campaign for president in 2020, according to Politico.

Politico’s Alex Thompson wrote Monday evening:

The former billionaire investor, climate activist and impeachment agitator Tom Steyer will take several steps toward a 2020 presidential bid Tuesday.

That will include a six-figure web ad buy on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram along with a full-page ad in USA Today and other Gannett newspapers outlining a political platform, a revamped TomSteyer.com, and the announcement of five town halls across the country, the first of which will be in the crucial early primary state of South Carolina, according to copies of the ad and platform provided to POLITICO.

The first town hall is set for Dec. 4 in Charleston, S.C., and the next will be in Fresno, Calif., sometime in December, according to Aleigha Cavalier, senior communications adviser for TomSteyer.com who also works for Steyer’s climate-focused group NextGen America. There will be one town hall for each of the “5 rights” on Steyer’s platform: the right to an equal vote, to clean air and water, to learn with pre-K education through college, to a living wage, and to health.

“These rights should be the basis of the Democratic Party’s platform,” Steyer wrote on his updated site in what was referred to internally as a “preamble.” “Together, we will achieve these rights for all Americans.”

Although Steyer remains noncommittal on 2020, and Cavalier says he is focused on pressuring Democratic lawmakers on his platform, the moves are the clearest sign yet that Steyer is preparing a presidential bid after playing coy over the past two years.

Armed with the 6 million-plus person email list gained from his $50 million Need to Impeach campaign, NextGen America’s grass-roots resources and lists, and an estimated net worth of $1.6 billion to dig into, Steyer would immediately start out with a potentially potent political machine.

But before that can happen, Steyer wants to define himself beyond calls for impeachment and lay out a proactive vision for what he wants the world to look like, with Tuesday being the beginning of that process.

Breitbart reports:

Steyer has spent hundreds of millions of dollars on other Democrats’ campaigns in recent years. He was the party’s top donor in 2014 — buying few wins but allowing him to force the party to stage an all-night talk session about climate change on the Senate floor.

In 2018, he spent over $100 million on an effort to push for impeachment, reinforcing that message the day after the election in a New York Times op-ed.


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