Impeachment Backfires: Trump Campaign Rakes in Huge Number of Small Donor Donations


The Democrats’ impeachment bubble may very well have been burst this week, after their first round of public hearings were virtually decried as a unanimous “bust”.

After all of the hype, all of the certainty of their endeavor: Nothing.  Their first two witnesses, diplomats Bill Taylor and George Kent were duds who found themselves excoriated by Congressional republicans, forced to admit that none of the knowledge that they were emitting during their testimony was direct knowledge.  Neither man had ever even met President Trump either – a damning circumstance that puts these two on the figurative outside looking in.

And not only was the testimony ostensibly bad for the Democrats, but it also created a fundraising boon for President Trump in the process.

Those small dollar donations will certainly irk the Democrats, who have spent much of this election cycle touting their ability to garner just such support.  They believe that this is a sign of “grassroots” support, of course, largely ignoring that the entire process is being dictated by ActBlue – an organization whose sole purpose is to use their corporate-structure to create this illusion.

The Trump campaign will likely see another such bump in fundraising on Friday, when former ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch publicly testifies before Congress.