In Spite of the Controversy Surrounding the Demise of SEAL Team Six, the Defense Department is Denying That the Operation Was Compromised …


It’s been three years since the 2011 downing of a helicopter in Afghanistan that resulted in the deaths of 30 American troops that included 17 Navy SEALs. Many still question the coincidence that a number of them were members of the SEAL team that purportedly killed Osama bin Laden. While the defense department claims it was not compromised, they admit it did suffer from faulty planning. One must ask by whom and why there is no accountability.

All 38 members of the crew—including 17 SEALs, five Army soldiers, three Air Force airmen, and seven Afghan soldiers—were killed in the single deadliest day for the U.S. military in the war on terrorism.

The Washington Times previously reported on details of the mission and concerns by commanders that it was “rushed.” Reportedly, Extortion 17 was approaching its landing zone at 2:38 a.m. when Taliban fighters hidden on top of a building on the west side of the valley fired RPGs. The attackers had not been previously detected by two Apache helicopters, a Predator drone, or an AC-130 gunship monitoring the mission.

In spite of the hearings and testimony given, one thing is for certain, while Extortion 17 was originally intended to surprise the fleeing Taliban fighters from the opposite direction, they did not achieve the element of surprise which sadly ended with the death of the 38 member crew and 17 SEAL’s.

We may never know the truth of what transpired but one thing is for certain… Obama and Biden are accountable for unprecedentedly leaking that SEAL tea six was involved and, having them all on one helicopter.

By: ~Rebel Rebellion III%






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