Innocence Betrayed – The True Story of Gun Control WorldWide (Video)


Watch this powerful documentary produced by Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership.  You will learn how governments have historically deprived people of firearms … and then wiped them from the face of the earth.

Western Free Press reported this documentary is a serious look at the consequences of gun control, worldwide, over the past 100 years. Please be forewarned that the images are graphic.

Some argue that while the Constitution’s 2nd Amendment might have been relevant in the 18th century, surely it is now outmoded.  After all, in today’s America, why would we ever want to take up arms against our own government? The answer, of course, is that we wouldn’t.  And, ironically, it is only so long as we retain the right to keep and bear arms that we almost surely won’t have to.

However …

Watch this documentary to see what happened worldwide over the last 100 years to law-abiding citizens who cooperatively gave up their individual right to keep and bear arms.


Are you among those who believe these things could never happen here?  Even if you don’t like guns and don’t own a firearm yourself, are you ready to take that chance?  If your answer is “yes”, then so be it.  But watch this documentary, and see what happened to others when, one day at a time, they gradually traded away their liberty for “safety” and ended up losing both at the hand of government.




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  1. I wonder what Mile Godwin (originator of Godwin’s Law) would think of this. I plat the Holocaust Card anytime I hear gun control. It forces the opposition to prove a negative,I.e. they must prove that they will NOT finish what That Austrian started.

    Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. For the Jew, it is the price of survival.


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