Instagram Promotes ‘Cultural Movement’ of Trump Lynching #HangingWithTrump T-Shirts (Video)


Instagram is promoting a new clothing line called “Hanging With Trump,” which sells t-shirts depicting President Donald Trump literally hanging by a noose made from his signature red tie. 

You have to wonder about the mentality of someone who would wear such a shirt. To think that society has deteriorated to the point that it is acceptable to depict the President of the United States hanging from a nose.

You really can’t blame the millennial’s for having such a detached loyalty to the figure that represents our country when they are taught by example of their elders. They can’t turn on the television without seeing the mainstream media spewing hate for the president.

The GP reports:

As Instagram removes infopics about Planned Parenthood murdering black babies, they leave up an account from a new clothing line called “Hanging With Trump,” which sells t shirts depicting Trump literally hanging by a noose made from his very fine signature red tie.

The Instagram page features a variety of instagram models showing off the shirts.

But it doesn’t end there. The organization/company is using Indie Go Go for their fundraising and point of sale.

And of course they are on Facebook, where the “about” page reads: “ARE YOU #HangingWithTrump? – The worldwide Cultural Movement that Raises Awareness for everyone Trump Left Behind. We donate for every #HangingWithTrump shirt sold, to an organization Trump is defunding and the people hurt as a result of his policies”

And, last but not least, they even have a promo video hosted on Vimeo:

Interesting how they fund organizations that are being defunded by the government, essentially proving the conservative point that private funding of organizations and causes replaces government funding, plus the private funding is voluntary and you get to pick where you want the money to go.


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