Iran Dictator Calls For Muslim World To Unite And Destroy Israel, Chants ‘Death To America’ [Video]

Iran Dictator Calls For Muslim World To Unite And Destroy Israel, Chants ‘Death To America’ [Video]

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Gun toting Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei went into a tirade on Saturday, blaming the American “arrogant powers” for getting in the way of the Muslim world’s duty to unite and destroy Israel.

Barack Hussein Obama made a deal with Iranian leaders who lead chants of “Death to America! Death to Great Britain! Death to Israel!” there is no reason to make any concessions to Iran, let alone strike a deal of this magnitude.

What does Obama do when Iran threatens to annihilate Israel, a long standing ally of the United States, he pledges U.S. military to defend Iran from any, and all aggressors, namely Israel and Saudi Arabia who strongly oppose the deal.



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Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei said that the nuclear deal won’t change their policy towards the U.S., if anything it will assist it, and that Iran will uphold its anti-American policies and continue to support regional allies hostile to Western interests, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Saturday.

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“Our policy regarding the arrogant U.S. government will not change,” Khamenei said, as he hailed the nuclear deal as a win for Iran.

“Iran Dictator Calls for Muslim World to Unite and Destroy Israel, Says USA Created ISIS”, Breitbart News, July 19, 2015

Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei went into a conspiracy-laden tirade on Saturday, blaming the “arrogant powers” for getting in the way of the Muslim world’s mission to unite and destroy Israel.

“If the Islamic Ummah were united and relied on their own commonalities, they would certainly be a unique power in the international political scene but big powers have imposed such divisions on the Islamic Ummah to pursue their own interests and safeguard the Zionist regime [of Israel],” Khamenei said in remarks to commemorate the end of Ramadan.


Khamenei also defended Iran’s support for its Lebanese proxy, Hezbollah, which is a U.S.-designated terrorist organization, and the Assad regime in Syria.

“The Americans dub the Lebanese resistance as terrorist and regard Iran as a supporter of terrorism because of its support for the Lebanese Hezbollah, while the Americans, themselves, are real terrorists,” Khamenei said. Hezbollah was originally created by Tehran’s first “Supreme Leader” with the mission to “turn Lebanon to a graveyard for Jews,” to its leader, Hassan Nasrallah.

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The media ignored the gun Iran’s Khamenei was holding during his speech. The above photo was posted on the supreme leader’s official website. (Image source:  

The Iranian dictator claimed that al-Qaeda and the Islamic State terror group were created by the United States, according to Iran’s state-controlled media. The U.S. “have created al-Qaeda and Daesh [ISIL]” and “support the wicked Zionists [Israel],” he said.

The U.S. cannot criticize Iran’s support for Hezbollah’s “resistance” movement because the U.S. supports the “Zionist, terrorist and infanticidal” Israelis, added Iran’s ruler.

The “Supreme Leader” declared victory over the United States in Tehran’s recent nuclear agreement with world powers, saying, “This is the outcome of the Iranian nation’s resistance and bravery and the creativity of dear Iranian scientists.”

He predicted that in the case of war with the United States, The U.S. “will emerge loser,” PressTV reported.

Khamenei swore to never engage the Americans in dialogue over regional differences, asking, “Our policies and those of the US in the region are 180 degree different, so how could it be possible to enter dialogue and negotiations with them (Americans)?”

In declaring victory over the U.S. in nuclear negotiations, he added, “today, they [world powers] have been forced to accept and stand the spinning of thousands of centrifuges and continuation of research and development in Iran, and it has no meaning but the Iranian nation’s might.”

Noticeably, Khamenei’s more-controversial comments were left out of mainstream media CNN story on his remarks.

Iran Supreme Leader “Ali Khamenei” Chants “Death to America”

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