Iran To Americans: Stop Commemorating The 9/11 Attacks


Obama awards Iran a nuke deal that the majority of Americans are opposed to and Iran continues its anti-U.S. rhetoric. Iran declares that Americans must stop commemorating the Sept. 11 attacks, stating that Obama’s response to terrorist attacks only spreads poison, pain and suffering. 


Paul D. Shinkman of US News reports that’s the directive from a new op-ed published Friday in Iran’s state-run news service, claiming the U.S. response to the 2001 terror attacks, the subsequent global war on terror and the continuation of U.S.-led military action today account for widespread domestic unrest within the U.S. as well as most problems in the Middle East.

“The tragedy of 9/11 should no longer be allowed to haunt the world’s collective memory and define its sense of purpose and orientation,” the column begins, adding America and its war allies continue to “spread sectarian poison and bring pain and suffering to many others.”

It lists common anti-war buzzwords from the last decade of counterterrorism operations: “wars, interventions, assassinations, torture, kidnapping, black sites, the grown of the American-European spying program, and the spread of terrorism.” And 14 years of conflict has also agitated the U.S. at home, it claims.

“The consequences are so terrible that those running the circus of ‘Global War on Terror’ are no longer able to justify the burial of freedom and democracy, the fierce prosecution of whistleblowers, the militarization of the police, state-sanctioned killings without trial, as well as astronomical expenses, bombing campaigns galore, repeated defeats, disasters, and failed states.”

The continuation of Iran’s anti-U.S., anti-Israel rhetoric while Congress considers a deal governing its nuclear program has bothered many in America. This is particularly true for conservative opponents of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action who believe the Obama administration’s signature foreign policy achievement should also usher in some shift in attitude in Tehran.

The warming of relations has inspired some Iranians to change their tone – locals’ scrubbing “Death to America” graffiti off the former U.S. embassy earlier this summer was widely heralded as a sign of the rapprochement.

Others say such change among Iranian leadership and the addressing of other security problems there must come later.

“Already there is talk in some circles about future legislation to help implement the deal and address critics’ calls for a comprehensive U.S. strategy to deal with Iran in its non-nuclear dimensions, including its support for Hezbollah and other Shiite militants in Arab countries,” Iran analyst Barbara Slavin wrote last month. “But before the administration can engage on this topic, it needs to get the JCPOA past Congress. Pique at the president or other partisan considerations should not preclude putting U.S. national security first.”

For now, the U.S. will have to continue bearing with harsh criticism from Iran, particularly as Obama weighs further military intervention for graphic issues like the Syrian refugee crisis.

“The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie – deliberate, contrived, and dishonest – but the myth – persistent, persuasive, and destructive,” according to the Iranian op-ed. “The mass flight of people will go on as long as the world buys the fables of 9/11 and the War on Terror’ players show no urgency in trying to end it.”


Here are six facts about Obama’s Iran nuclear deal Americans should know:

  1. U.S. Nuclear Inspectors Are Banned From Inspecting Iran’s Nuclear Sites
  2. Obama’s Iran Nuclear Deal Lifts Economic Sanctions that Could Boost Iran’s Economy with $150 Billion in Revenue
  3. The Obama Administration Admits That ‘We Should Expect’ Iran Will Spend Some of the $150 Billion in Revenues Obama’s Deal Gives Them On Their Military and Possibly Terrorism
  4. On the Very Week Obama Brokered His Iran Nuclear Deal, Large Crowds Across Iran Could Be Heard Chanting “Death to America”—And Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Declared ‘Death to America’ Just Months Ago
  5. Obama’s Iran Nuclear Deal Does Not Require Iran to Release Any American Prisoners
  6. Obama’s Deal Allows Russia and China to Supply Iran with Weapons

Iran’s Supreme Leader Slams ‘Arrogant’ US AFTER Nuke Deal, Crowd Chants ‘Death to America, Death to America!


  1. After nearly thirty-six years, Iran STILL sucks!

    This administration won’t be happy until lots more Americans die.

    It can’t be proven otherwise.


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