Iranian TV Airs News Report Featuring Navy Sailor’s Apology For Entering Iran Waters (Video)

Iranian TV Airs News Report Featuring Navy Sailor’s Apology For Entering Iran Waters (Video)

President Obama gave his last State of the Union speech and patted himself on the back for an Iran deal that should never have happened, and at no time did he bring up the 10 U.S. sailors that were ‘detained’ by Iran. 

One of the men, a navy captain, was not only forced to apologize for the incident describing it as a mistake on their part, but was also made to thank the Iranians for their hospitality during the time they were held captive. How humiliating! 

President Obama should have used the power invested in him as President of the United States to demand that our men be returned immediately rather than being a sanctimonious pompous ass more concerned with pandering his liberal agenda.  


BNO News stated that Iranian state TV has broadcast video in which a U.S. Navy captain apologized for entering Iranian territorial waters in the Persian Gulf, saying it happened by mistake. 

“It was a mistake that was our fault, and we apologize for our mistake,” the captain said. “It was a misunderstanding. We did not mean to go into Iranian territorial waters.” Asked how they were being treated, the service member called Iran’s behavior “fantastic,” thanking Iran for their “hospitality” and “assistance.”

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Asked how they were captured during Tuesday’s incident, the unidentified captain said: “The Iranian patrol boat came out when we were having engine issues and had weapons drawn, so we tried to talk to them until more boats came out and took us in.”

The circumstances in which the interview was recorded were not immediately clear but it took place while all 10 U.S. sailors were still being held by Iran. U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced earlier on Wednesday that the 10 sailors had been allowed to depart Iran and were back in U.S. hands.

Young Cons rightly added that Iran is taking full advantage of the grand opportunity dropped on their plate to humiliate the United States and our armed forces.

It first started with Secretary of State John Kerry giving a big “thank you” to the Iranians for supposedly treating our sailors oh so good — they humiliated them — and now a news report is being spread around the Internet of a Navy captain apologizing.


The entire situation is suspicious and coincidental, all benefiting Obama’s personal agenda.


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