ISIS Terrorist Attack At Tourist Hotel In Tunisia – Tourists Killed On Beach [Video]


ISIS terrorists opened fire on tourists sunbathing on the beach at a luxury tourist hotel in Tunisia hotel in Sousse. Reports coming in say 27 feared dead.


A luxury tourist hotel in central Tunisia has been attacked, with at least seven dead and panic being reported at the scene. At least one gunman armed with a Kalashnikov penetrated the hotel’s private beach area and opened fire.


A five-star hotel, the Imperial Marhaba, was under a terrorist attack earlier today, according to RIA Novosti citing the Interior Ministry. The ministry’s spokesman says at least 7 people were killed.


“It happened about half an hour ago – I heard a bang and I thought it was thunder but it was a clear sky so it obviously wasn’t,” a witness told Sky News. “I heard sirens going off about 20 minutes ago and everyone came running back from the private hotel beach which is about 400 metres from the hotel. Everyone is a bit clueless about what is happening.”

“We were told to go back to our rooms because there were reports of a bomb,” another witness staying at a hotel near-by also told The Daily Mail.


One gunman has been killed and officials said there are multiple casualties.


The gun mans body lay at the scene with a Kalashnikov assault rifle after he was shot in an exchange of gunfire with police. There are unconfirmed reports coming in that put the death toll at 6-13.


Sousse is one of Tunisia’s most popular beach resorts, which attracts tourists from Europe as well as neighboring countries.

The North African country has been on high alert since Islamist gunmen attacked the Bardo museum in the capital of Tunis in March killing a group of foreign visitors.


Photos courtesy of Google


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