It’s Happening – Global Marxist Dictator Obama Declares We’re “One World Seeking Change,” Every Citizen “Has To Do Their Part” (Video)


Promoters of global government hosted a “free-ticketed” event on the Great Lawn in Central Park in New York City, called The Global Citizen Festival.

“Festival is being timed to coincide with the launch of the United Nations’ new Global Goals designed to fight inequality, protect our planet and end extreme poverty by 2030.”

Pope Francis welcomed by President Barack Obama at the White House

Rick Wells Reports:

Nowhere is the old adage about there being no such thing as a free lunch more true than in the world of political deception. If a self-serving politician or NGO offers you something for free, there is certain to be an invisible price tag attached somewhere.

On Saturday, the global government liberals hosted a “free-ticketed” event on the Great Lawn in Central Park in New York City, called The Global Citizen Festival. Americans used to celebrate being ourselves, members of the greatest nation on earth. Nowadays that line of thinking is past its time, passé, and so last century. All the cool kids are going global.

If you’re a global citizen you’re above such archaic nonsense as borders, countries, patriotism and self-governance. The federation appeared to work great in Star Trek, although beyond a glimpse of an odd council or president here and there we really don’t know the nature of their political system or how much freedom existed under it. Global citizens don’t concern themselves with such trivialities.


Towards that end our hijacked government and the United Nations are working, in cooperation with “celebrities and artists and uber-rich neo-Nazis” in an effort to convince us that being an American is almost dirty; that our system which has been a blessing to the world as an economic juggernaut and the protector of legitimate self-governing nations around the globe is somehow inferior to being just another member of the “global community.” It is a precursor, a method of indoctrinating Americans into thinking as if we’re already just another member state subject to the UN global government and that we “rightfully and dutifully” must accept our place among the masses in mandated Soviet-style equality.

As the shadow elites learned during the sixties and seventies, there is no better way to convince young people to think in a prescribed manner than through music and musicians, and no better venue for that propaganda to be dispensed than through a music festival. Woodstock taught them a lot.

The promoters describe on their website how the “Festival is being timed to coincide with the launch of the United Nations’ new Global Goals designed to fight inequality, protect our planet and end extreme poverty by 2030.” It’s the next phase of the infamous UN Agenda 21 global austerity plan, one which expects all citizens of the world to submit to United Nations domination and has been actively engaged in the overthrow of our government since George H.W. Bush signed us onto the agreement in the 1992 Rio Earth Summit and Bill Clinton issued Executive Order 12852. As many people are already aware, that agreement is designed to install a Marxist world government at a most basic, austere level, in which everyone is equally miserable and oppressed.


Of course it’s always done for the children, that was the excuse Nancy Pelosi used for why we should open our southern borders to invasion by all of Central America. It’s got no more to do with the well being of children than their dogged support of Planned Parenthood. It’s about using the children as a humanitarian prop to achieve their goals. Nobody likes being accused of mistreating or ignoring the needs of kids. Incidentally, it was Nancy Pelosi who introduced the Earth Summit Environmental Leadership Act, the UN Agenda 21 concept and original framework in 1992 in the House of Representatives. It was back in a time when her face was still in its original location.

In its current child exploitative incarnation, the global citizen communists describe their creation as being oriented towards “fighting extreme poverty and inequality around the world, and support approaches that will make life more sustainable for people and the planet. It’s the typical UN “global climate warming change” mantra coupled with a little wealth redistribution and equality with the third world for America courtesy of a “benevolent world government.” It’s all timed to coincide with the Pope’s sales current sales trip for the same purpose as well as the upcoming Paris Climate Summit in December. Anyone who believes these are random acts of coincidence is either naive or an idiot. This is a planned implementation, a takeover; we are being led with a rope through our noses to the slaughterhouse door.

Hussein Obama got into the act of pitching his Marxist world government to blissfully ignorant in a video presentation. Richard Nixon wasn’t a cult figure during the Vietnam hippie era, he was reviled. It’s another of the many lessons that are being put to “good” use to manipulate the young, uneducated, impressionable and apathetic among us.

Obama incorporates the teachings of Saul Alinsky, that of stressing the value of dignity in his manipulation processes, by making that the theme of his brief video. His entire message is geared towards convincing the Americans in the audience that a Marxist world view is the right, responsible and compassionate view.

He says, “Dignity, it’s that basic idea that by virtue of our common humanity, no matter where we come from or what we look like, we are all born equal. And that every person deserves to live free from want.” He then goes on to spout his typical drivel about how great he is and how wonderful life in the world is thanks to him.

He then tells us that our work is not done, and since he’s the Supreme Leader, he’s the one that gets to decide where we work, what we do, and for how many hours in a day. We might as well get used to it, as global citizens it’s how they make the trains run on time. He addresses what he claims to be a moral outrage. No, it’s not the beheading and crucifixion of children by ISIS or the butchering and selling of baby parts by his contractors at Planned Parenthood, it’s global health and it’s selective outrage; the kind that they use to achieve a goal and then quickly disappears.

Also describing it as a “profound injustice,” Mr. Global Dictator says “We’ve come together as one world to realize the change that we seek. Today we’re setting new global goals for development and every nation, every sector, every government and every citizen has to do our part. That’s how change happens. That’s how together we can uphold the inherent dignity of every human being.”

So the threat is spelled out for us. Obama is bringing his unique brand of change to the world and repackaging a second dose for our nation. He’s dictating that we are being required to do our part to achieve his goals; goals that the American people never voted on, goals that anyone with an ounce of intelligence can see are a body slam down the slippery slope to tyranny. It comes as the United Nations met yesterday and voted to approve a similar set of updated Agenda 21 mandates, Agenda 2030, officially titled 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.



This dictator is not content with confining himself to the role of a president. He’s got no intention of restraining himself by what he views as the irrelevant laws of a country he despises. He, his moneyed puppeteers, and his UN co-conspirators are in full attack mode. They’ve got sixteen months left and they are determined to have their dictatorship established upon our soil before the time comes for him to step down.

The next step comes in December, in Paris, when they will attempt to obligate us to climate treaties, UN superiority and the first active stages of the loss of our sovereignty to a foreign governing body.

One phrase sums up how a lot of us feel, so I’ve included it here in the text; Who the Hell does this little POS worm think he is?

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