Japanese News Reports at Least 200 Have Been Killed at North Korea Nuclear Test Site


Japanese news has just reported that their sources in North Korea have notified them of a tunnel collapse at Kim Jung Un’s Punggye-ri test site. The report claims that 100 people were trapped or killed during the collapse. A second collapse claimed another 100 laborers who were sent in to attempt a rescue. These numbers could rise.

The exact date of the collapse has finally been determined to be October 10th. Of course, no information will be forthcoming from Rocket Man’s Regime. Especially any information that would be embarrassing to North Korea’s dictator.

However, North Korea did do some bragging that the September 3, 2017 detonation under Mount Mantap was that of a Hydrogen bomb. Whatever it was it registered 6.1 (some reported 6.3) on the Richter Scale.

A very troubling aspect of Kim Jong Un’s obsession with nuclear weapons and his incessant underground detonations is that it may be causing something known as “Tired Mountain Syndrome”.

A study on October 17, 2017 by the US-Korea Institute at Johns Hopkins University suggested the sixth underground test at the site had caused “substantial damage to the existing tunnel network under Mount Mantap”.

The head of South Korea’s Meteorological Administration testified in front of parliament and warned them that further tests at Punggye-ri could cause the mountain to collapse and release radioactivity into the environment.

He goes on to say, “Based on our analysis of satellite imagery, we judge that there is a hollow space, which measures about 60 metres by 100 metres beneath Mount Matap”. He warned. “Should another nuclear test take place, there is a possibility [of a collapse]”.

Chinese scientists issued similar warnings, suggesting nuclear fallout could spread across “an entire hemisphere” if the mountain did collapse.

Sources: The Telegraph , Conservative Tribune , Daily Mail



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