Jesse Jackson: ‘President Obama Should Grant Hillary Clinton A Full Pardon’ (Video)


Rev. Jesse Jackson was speaking at President Gerald Ford’s alma mater on Wednesday, and called on President Obama to issue a full pardon for Hillary Clinton before he leaves office.

Interesting, why would he appeal to Obama to issue a full pardon to an innocent person unless he knew she were guilty – could he be referring to Hillary deleting over 30,000 emails after receiving a subpoena from Congress to hand them over. Or, is he referring to her lying to Congress under oath when she said she did not have any top-secret emails on her unsecured server.

Stopping short of saying Hillary did anything wrong, Jackson told a large crowd of University of Michigan students, faculty and administrators gathered at daylong celebration of his career that Obama should short-circuit President-elect Donald Trump’s promised attempt to prosecute Hillary Clinton for use of a private e-mail server, the Detroit Free Press reported.

It would be a monumental moral mistake to pursue the indictment of Hillary Clinton,” Jackson said.

He said issuing the pardon could help heal the nation, like Ford’s pardon of Nixon did.

In 1974, Ford, a University of Michigan alumnus, issued a full and complete pardon of Nixon for any crimes he may have committed. He said the pardon was in the best interests of the nation.

“President Ford said we don’t need him for trophy. We need to move on. President Nixon wasn’t convicted of a crime. He didn’t apply for a pardon. (Ford) did it because he thought it would be best for the country.

“Hillary Clinton has not been tried, but there are those who want to drag her for the next three years. It will not stop until they find a reason to put her in jail. That would be a travesty.”

Hillary Clinton was not tried because James Comey refused to indict her, no doubt due to pressure from Department of Justice Loretta Lynch, who was acting under orders from President Obama.

Jackson went on to say that students “are growing up in an America that is in an identity crisis,” Jackson said. “These demonstrations are born out of fear. Fear that the Klan will ride again. Fear that violence (against minorities) is coming back.”

The fear that people like Jackson, Obama and mainstream media are instilling in people by continuing their inflammatory rhetoric.

“In this election, voters voted for fear. I think hope will defeat hate, but it’s a battle.”

In a conversation with the Free Press at the beginning of the day, he blamed Trump for the environment of fear when it was President Obama’s rhetoric, and mainstream media that misconstrued what Trump said and fed lies to the American people.

“The one who set the field afire must be the one to put it out,” he told the Free Press in a one-on-one interview. “He had the option to pour water on it (the dry field) and let it grow. He didn’t do that — he chose to light it on fire. One of my concerns is that we see the division in America now because of that. We see classmates, roommates in a conflict over the way the campaign turned out.

Rev. Jackson’s rhetoric is what’s setting “the field afire” by encouraging them to continue protesting, rioting and opposing Donald Trump as president.

“Students, don’t let them take your hope. Deep water doesn’t drown you. You drown because you stop kicking. There is a tug of war for the soul of America. Do we want to be an aristocracy or a democracy? To be silent is to betray your conscience [he is encouraging protests which leads to riots]. You must not be silent in the face of violation of human rights.”

Do we want to be an aristocracy or a democracy? The ‘aristocracy’ would have been living under the Clinton cartel dynasty and, we are not a democracy, we are a Republic.

Rev. Jackson does not need to worry about America’s future because when Donald Trump is president he will secure our borders and put America, and the American people first.

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