Jill Biden Hands Out Christmas Gifts at Mexico Border Migrant Camp


Former second lady Dr. Jill Biden decided to hand out tamales and Christmas gifts to migrants in Mexico as part of a visit her and Joe Biden had with local leaders on Sunday — and many Americans were not pleased with her choice of venue.

With the thousands of homeless Americans that are living on the streets and in homeless shelters across the country, perhaps it would have been better for the Biden’s to show them some Christmas kindness.  Aside from that, there are thousands of homeless veterans who would have appreciated a hot meal and the Biden’s attention.

Ms. Biden toured a migrant camp across the border from Brownsville, Texas, home to over 2000 asylum-seekers. Many of the migrants, often referred to as MPPs, have remained in Mexico as part of the Department of Homeland Security’s Migrant Protection Protocols program as they await hearings before U.S. immigration officials.

“It’s heartbreaking. It’s really heartbreaking,” Biden said of the camp, according to Border Report. “Across the river is the flag of the United States. The flag of the United States offers people hope. They’re bringing their families and their loved ones here for hope of a better future and a better life for themselves.”

Homeless American children living on the streets is heartbreaking. Yes, the people in the camps deserve compassion, and as opposed to President Trump as the left is, his sentiment that Americans comes first holds true.

The reaction that exploded online was not what Team Biden expected.

Jill Biden stays within the Democrat’s agenda to care more about illegals than American citizens. She traveled to Mexico for a photo op of her serving them food, while homeless Americans are starving, & living in worse conditions than any country those illegals are escaping.

Outrageous – Take care of The American Homeless Epidemic

So I guess they’ve fixed the hunger problem here in the US and have SO much free time they serve food in Mexico…. MY God that’s absolutely DISGUSTING…. guess feeding your future voters better than feeding starving American children on the streets.

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