John Kerry Calls For The Internet To Be Placed Under The Authority Of The United Nations [Video]


Secretary of State John Kerry said that the Internet “needs more rules to be able to flourish and work properly.” This, according to Kerry, is necessary even for “a technology founded on freedom,” he said in a speech given in South Korea earlier this month,

Speaking on behalf of the Obama administration, Kerry said that Internet policy is “a key component of our foreign policy.”


Kerry uses the alleged attack on Sony Pictures by North Korea as the backdrop to call for UN control to deal with cyber attacks by malicious nations.

The Weekly Standard reported:

Kerry made his remarks in the context of talking about how international law is applicable to the Internet. “As I’ve mentioned, the basic rules of international law apply in cyberspace. Acts of aggression are not permissible. And countries that are hurt by an attack have a right to respond in ways that are appropriate, proportional, and that minimize harm to innocent parties. We also support a set of additional principles that, if observed, can contribute substantially to conflict prevention and stability in time of peace. We view these as universal concepts that should be appealing to all responsible states, and they are already gaining traction,” said Kerry.

 “First, no country should conduct or knowingly support online activity that intentionally damages or impedes the use of another country’s critical infrastructure. Second, no country should seek either to prevent emergency teams from responding to a cyber-security incident, or allow its own teams to cause harm. Third, no country should conduct or support cyber-enabled theft of intellectual property, trade secrets, or other confidential business information for commercial gain. Fourth, every country should mitigate malicious cyber activity emanating from its soil, and they should do so in a transparent, accountable and cooperative way. And fifth, every country should do what it can to help states that are victimized by a cyber-attack.

 “I guarantee you if those five principles were genuinely and fully adopted and implemented by countries, we would be living in a far safer and far more confident cyber-world.

 “To build trust, the UN Group of Governmental Experts has stressed the importance of high-level communication, transparency about national policies, dispute settlement mechanisms, and the timely sharing of information – all of them, very sound and important thoughts. The bottom line is that we who seek stability and peace in cyberspace should be clear about what we expect and intend, and those who may be tempted to cause trouble should be forewarned: they will be held accountable for their actions. The United States reserves the right to use all necessary means, including economic, trade and diplomatic tools, as appropriate in order to defend our nation and our partners, our friends, our allies. The sanctions against North Korean officials earlier this year are one example of the use of such a tool in response to DPRK’s provocative, destabilizing and repressive actions, including the cyber-attack on Sony Pictures. Now, as the international community moves towards consensus about what exactly constitutes unacceptable behavior in cyberspace, more and more responsible nations need to join together to act against disruptors and rogue actors.

While cyber-security is a serious matter and, without question, needs more attention, will it be done at the expense of Americans freedoms, and will it dig deeply into our pockets?

John Kerry would say absolutely not, that placing the Internet under the UN umbrella would only offer us more protection, most are not that confident, nor would it be wise to place any truth in assurances given by Kerry, especially where the UN is involved.

Listen to Kerry’s Speech to South Korea:


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  1. The actual purpose is so they can, at will, selectively shut down parts of the web. They can censor and propagate propaganda. The Internet already flourishes without any political control.

  2. All of Obama’s APPOINTED MINIONS are incapable of INDEPENDENT thought and only follow the TREASONOUS AGENDA that OBAMA DICTATES to them! Good DOGS now go follow my ORDERS!

  3. Why does this administration want to give away all our rights and freedoms? This is beyond reason. Let’s do what’s right for Americans first!!! Do you really believe the corrupt UN has America’s interest at heart?

    • The UN is actually quite dangerous. It’s behind the One World Government bullshit and the reason our “leaders” want to inundate our countries with barbarians: so the UN can then send in armies to “save” us, when the real purpose is to CONTROL US.

  4. Seriously: How about you go move to north korea (lower case intentional throughout (lcit)) and leave the Internet alone? I have collected rocks for my rock garden that are smarter than you and “queen barack the worst” COMBINED!

  5. John kerry is dumber than a box of rocks.Stay away from the internet because like Al Gore you did not invent it. And the UN is like a condom with a hole in it: WORTHLESS.

  6. This pos government wants to control everything they can..It’s almost like they want it to become a Communist country.

  7. Oh shut the Hell up. Hey that’s called freedom of speech. And so is the enter net. Stop trying to figure new ways of picking Americans pockets. Why don’t he go suck a tomato or something. This man is not nothing but a dumbass.

  8. Yep! Since our constitution allows freedom of speech it can’t so the next best thing is for it to be put under control by the UN because then the US can take some sort of control by it being controlled by the UN. They’ll have a say in the decisions to change what people are allowed to say on it! Obama wants to limit what we can say on the internet. It’s coming and is going to happen!!! He’s got a yr left to get this hammered through!!! Time for the techies to come up with a new form of getting information to people having no connection to this internet program!

    • Kind of like Microsoft Windows 10 which will be auto downloaded to replace all Windows 7 and 8 tracks everything you saw and look at and feeds that info off so Microsoft can make $$$ off you, and I imagine route our communication directly to our government spies!!!

      • I have not downloaded it yet as I couldn’t trust it. I just couldn’t trust the fact that they urgently wanted you to download it for free. Nothing is free except air and I am sure they will try and sell that too.

  9. Kerry has failed at everything he has done as Secretary of State. IF he wants to go down in history as anything but a failure, maybe he should practice tiddlywinks.

  10. well the government has always been corrupt, taking our money and raising taxes and rent and decreasing minimum wage and increasing their own wage, while us at the bottom have to scrape a living, while they sit on their fat ass and destroy our planet and blame it on others.

  11. It’s time for the current US administration understands what “freedom”, and that “under UN supervision” is no different from “under the supervision of the Kremlin”

  12. If Kerry and Obama have their way we will be living the same way as the Koreans.Censorship and punishments for vocalising any disatisfaction with the Government.We need too steer out of the U.N.we are already in trouble as it is.


  14. They just want control that’s all.Kerry is just as sorry and as worthles as the Dictator muslim in chief Hussein Osama Oahole.

  15. They can try and paint this any way they want, but in the long term it would turn out to be whatever the governing body thought should not be allowed! Whether that be what they construe as hate speech (which knowing the UN could be considered almost anything) or whatever they decided is terrorism (Which could be a broad spectrum under UN rule) The bottom line is we CAN NOT trust these people to determine what is best for us! Which as you know would be no guns, no churches (except mosques) because you know they believe that all christians are bigots and haters because we believe in what the bible actually says instead of allowing the PC crowd to determine what the bible REALLY means!

  16. Freedom is an institution of structure, not chaos. The five standards proposed by Kerry are a structure to prevent chaos. That approach may be debated, but the direction is principally sound.

    • What non-sense the very nature of control is to restrict freedomand give direction to others. That is true whether one agrees with the rules in question or disagrees.

  17. As Hitler seized all of Germany’s Mass Media in his rise to power, Obama following Hitler’s Playbook Mien Kampf has appointed his MINIONS as Hitler Appointed his Minions to do his BIDDING! It is my hope that Obama meets Hitler’s SAME END!

  18. Next they’ll try to take away our right to take a crap w/o permission! I can’t believe that some of these people are no smarter than a doorknob(And thats on a good day)OUR INTERNET OUR RIGHTS, leave em alone!

  19. lol wow , this person Lauren that posted this has quite a sheep following . Did anyone listen to the speech by any chance ? I personally cant stand Kerry at all but he wasnt even coming close to saying what all was posted in this article . Dont get me wrong , that isnt to say that Kerry doesnt have a trick up his sleeve of course with crooked agenda but this speech isnt even coming close to what this article says and the funny thing about it is ….look at all the people just following this wacked individual Lauren that created this post . Not the brightest herd of folks here I can most definitely say .

    • The comments that I am made and the other “herded” folks here did, are based in what we already know about CFR and Skull and Bones member Kerry and what he DID say about the internet that IS more proof of his tyranny regardless of the video..

  20. yes, like the Panama Canal, lets get more naive, and give up yet another American Wonder in the name of spreading the wealth and we are the US, we are super great. Meanwhile, China immediately monetizes on the haughty idea.

  21. UN is an absolutely joke,why Internet has to be controlled by tat bunch of easy living tourists all around the world.
    I spend several nights in the same hotel like them on my journey in the Western Sahara,I know what I am talking about.

  22. The UN was created to aid migration of refugees peacefully after WW2. Their record since the 50’s has steadily become more and more pathetic. It is completely toothless as was shown across Africa (and other areas).
    Every time I have seen a vote cast there has been no ability to make decisive actions because one or two member countries feel it is against their own interests. Most recently Russia’s smack down of the investigation of the Malaysia Airlines flight over Ukraine.
    What the hell is this idiot thinking…even considering this ‘UN’ association has the ability to govern something other than itself. They can’t even do that. It is a posting for failed politicians and distant relatives that you don’t want in your own country but they can still feel good about themselves because they get to attend a soirée once in a while with safe food like canapés and sliced cucumber.

  23. F–K Kerry ! He’s just a big Commie, no better than Jane Fonda and a rubber stamp for the POTUS and the New World Order !!!!!


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