John ‘Songbird’ McCain Exposed By Vietnam Vets And POW’s As A Liar And A Fraud (Video)


Veterans voice their disgust for John “Songbird” McCain who spilled his guts to get out of being tortured. There is evidence that McCain received ‘special’ medical treatment from a Soviet physician and other ‘considerations’ to avoid being tortured just so he could come home. 

No one disputes that McCain was a Vietnam POW, he spent 5½ years in captivity in North Vietnam when he was shot down in his Skyhawk dive bomber on Oct. 26, 1967, and was taken prisoner with fractures in his right leg and both arms.

Despite the notoriety he received upon his return he has been the subject of damning articles, and criticism by other veterans, and for good reason. McCain has a lot to hide, and has gone to great length to keep what happened in Vietnam a secret.

He voted against a bill that was otherwise unanimously passed that would have released sealed records that would have revealed what happened in Vietnam, presumably because those records would have confirmed his dishonorable actions.

The severely wounded McCain was thrown on the back of a truck and hauled to the infamous Hanoi Hilton prison camp. Immediately, his captors began to interrogate him using sadistic methods they had perfected on hundreds of captured U.S. servicemen before him.

As they did with most prisoners of war, his interrogators demanded military information. When he refused, his guards kicked and pounded him mercilessly.

McCain admits that three to four days after he was captured, he promised the Vietnamese, “I’ll give you military information if you will take me to the hospital.”

McCain also admits that the Vietnamese rushed him to a hospital, but denies he was given “special medical treatment” because of his promise.

He claims he was given medical care normally unavailable to captured Americans only because the Vietnamese learned he was the son of Admiral John S. McCain, Jr., the soon-to-be commander of all U.S. forces in the Pacific including those fighting in Vietnam, Wayne Dupree reports.

The Vietnamese figured that because POW McCain’s father was of such high military rank that he was of royalty or the governing circle in the United States. Thereafter the communist bragged that they had captured “the crown prince” and treated him as a “special prisoner.”

Less than two weeks after McCain was taken to a hospital, Hanoi’s press began quoting him giving specific military information, including the name of the aircraft carrier on which he was based, numbers of U.S. pilots that had been lost, the number of aircraft in his flight, information about location of rescue ships and the order of which his attack was supposed to take place.

There is also evidence that McCain received “special” medical treatment from a Soviet physician.

After he was out of the hospital, McCain continued cooperating with the North Vietnamese for a period of three years. He made radio broadcasts for the communists and met with foreign delegations, including the Cubans. He was interviewed by at least two North Vietnamese generals one of whom was Vietnam’s national hero, General Vo Nguyen Giap.

On June 4, 1969, a U.S. wire service story headlined “PW Songbird is Pilot Son of Admiral,” reported one of McCain’s radio broadcasts: “Hanoi has aired a broadcast in which the pilot son of the United States commander in the Pacific, Adm. John McCain, purportedly admits to having bombed civilian targets in North Vietnam and praises medical treatment he has received since being taken prisoner.

“The broadcast was beamed to American servicemen in South Vietnam as a part of a propaganda series attempting to counter charges by U.S. Defense Secretary Melvin Laird that American prisoners are being mistreated in North Vietnam.”

McCain says he violated the Code of Conduct only when the North Vietnamese brutally tortured him. He further claims that he was so distraught afterwards that he tried to commit suicide. He has never explained why his “aid to the enemy” continued for more than three years.

Even though there are no reports in the public record from other POWs who witnessed McCain’s claims of torture and heroics or his attempted suicide, the American media has accepted his version of events word for word, no questions asked.

Yet, the same press that transformed the admiral’s son into an “incredible war hero–an inspiration to all Americans,” vilified the two grunts.

Comparing the incidents surrounding the fates of three POWs,’ who collaborated with the enemy, makes one question why two faced possible execution for treason, while the third won acclaim as a hero fit to be President of the United States.

Dec 1, 2011: John McCain Exposed By Vietnam Vets And Pow’s

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  1. I don’t know. I doubt I could take the torture, either. I always did figure him for a Manchurian Candidate, though. Those NV torturers were almost as good at mind control as American Academia and the media.

    • Martin: Did you not watch this video? Trump had nothing to do with this video. It was put out & titled “Dec 1, 2011: John McCain Exposed By Vietnam Vets And Pow’s” ( I betcha Trump watched it because it told the truth about McCain and what the Congress & Senate did about the MIA, POW, & Vets. Trump has been heavily involved with the Vet. Org.)

  2. It’s not about whether any of us could withstand such vile and brutal injuries and pain. It’s about whether he should be called a “hero.” After a brief search of the internet, sans a thorough fact check however, it’s seems that his immediate cooperation and three year unexplained cooperation following that is fairly well substantiated. If he and 32 others were to be tried for treason and/or executed but Nixon pardoned them instead, he is certainly not a “hero.”

    • It’s a fact that EVERYONE eventually cracks. The body and mind eventually crack. I’ve personally never heard the of a case of prolonged terrorism where then person didn’t eventually break.
      After that the psychological damage was probably enough to keep him talking. I think anyone who went through that for our country is a hero.
      I think you guys are crossing a line with this article.

    • I believe ANY man who endured that kind of torture and was able to come home with any mind at all is a HERO. I don’t like much of McCains politics, but that is a totally separate issue from his captivity. Not a single one of us should judge that part of his life unless we have been through it personally. Those captors were skilled at torture that was beyond what any human being was able to endure. As far as this story, these vets are telling what they assume happened. They were not at the hospital with him, nor were they privy to his torture sessions. So complain about his politics if you want. But what he may have done or not done under torture should not be judged.

  3. This is arguably one of the worst political hack job character assignations I have ever read, John McCains experiences were widely taught at US Navy Schools for aviators on what you could expect to deal with as a downed pilot, not to mention numerous artifacts and materials/accounts on public display at the Naval Avaiation Musem in Fla corroborating his time being captured. If you don’t like the guy don’t vote for him but be man enough to knock this crap off.

    • Bravo! I’ll bet my arm that not one of these people has who is bashing him has served in the military, must less been captured and endured tortured. Doubtful they would last as long as he did!

  4. Regardless of what happened a half century ago does not negate the fact that McCain is an establishment narcissist commie SOB. These bastards have in collusion run this country into the ground, politically, financially and morally. They are in the class of the degenerates of the Romans under Nero and no longer fear the People. They are servants not masters and it is far past the time of teaching them that FACT. TRUMP FOR PREZ……

  5. It looks like Trump struck a nerve when he quipped that McCain was no hero…no wonder McCain was so quick to want to ”let by gones be by gones”. I thought that was odd, because the media was ready to take Trump out over it. He was afraid all this would come out….and here it is. ”Oh what a tangled web we weave , when first we practice to deceive.

  6. A prisoner who gives up information after being tortured and brutalized unmercifully is not a coward. He is a POW. A person who doesn’t crack is a hero. Why isn’t anyone mentioning McCain’s reckless and shameful behavior before this incident? An accident occured on his aircraft carrier. A conflagration erupted and 130 men were killed saving the boat with other jets on fire and rockets exploding. McCain headed straight for the officer’s club below deck while others perished. Plus, he destroyed two other jets, crashing one while buzzing the countryside in Europe. Then, he ignored his incoming missile warning and did not take evasive action when he was shot down and captured. According to many, he would not even had his wings nor been an officer if his family members weren’t high ranking US military officers. He was basically a bad actor in the military. So, he gets himself shot down by violating procedure, gets tortured and gives up information about positions, troop strength, number of boats and aircraft. He is no hero. He was a POW who suffered greatly at the hands of the Viet Cong. And that’s all he was. A hero risks his life and limbs to save others. McCain saved his life and risked the lives of other servicemen. All the result of him being an arrogant, self-absorbed, spoiled brat aristocrat.

  7. This is actually distorted. The crash and beating by the villagers was bad enough that McCaint would have died of his injuries. They did not need to start torturing him as he realized it and offered military info for medical treatment. Read his dam bio. It is possible that ALL of=f his injuries were from the crash and initial beating and had little or no torture!! He was seen as a Prince of the US since His father and Grandfather were Admirals. Wonder who told them that right up front??

    I would add that a Col special forces POW claimed that everyone who survived gave up some info or they wouldn’t have been killed. McCaint gave up a LOT for his medical treatment and preferential treatment to the point he refused to be sent home without the other POWs. Of course, this was also what the commanding US POW had ordered so we don’t know if this was voluntary on his part or he was finally following orders now that he was being held with the rest of the prisoners.

    • John McCain was never tortured, there is no documentation of it whatever all we have John’s suspect and self serving word. He didn’t have to give up anything “for” his medical treatment, he was taken there straightaway. He was given private quarters, better food and better treatment. He as a traitor not a hero and all whitewashed because his father was in command of the Vietnam arena of war.

  8. Who cares what happen to this idiot during the war? How is this moron allowed to run and get elected because of what he supposedly went through decades ago? He sold out his fellow troops for years, then gets elected to the Senate where he has done untold amounts of damage to the country with the bills he supports. Yet people don’t care about all the damage he has done over the last 30+ years because he was a POW.

  9. I am tired of this bs Trump is a draft dodger and is hell bent to make everyone except himself look bad Trump has tore my family apart my Brother-in-law is talking about brothers killing brothers !! He gets all his info from Trump and believes every word of it. If Trump comes around here we will have a problem see my Wife is severely disabled and I dont like him making fun of Disabled people see i am a Disabled Vet. So we will see who the real Pussy is !!

  10. I’m a Viet Nam Vet (199th Inf Huey door gunner) As far as McCain… A spoiled, self involved ass….
    But to me a larger issue is the status of HERO!I have seen heroes in action. A HERO is a person who makes an extraordinary effort to aid another while risking great personal peril… I am frequently dismayed and aggravated when we “Celebrate our veterans, who are all heroes”. Joining the military, being deployed to a war zone, being involved in battle… these are all honorable, admirable acts. But we do not get to the title of War Hero for showing up, that title is reserved for those who earn it. Even being shot down, captured, imprisoned and surviving doesn’t qualify one as a hero, a survivor, yes, but no hero!
    Those POWs who endured and survived are to be admired and thanked for their sacrifice, but honored as a hero? Not by me. I will continue to respect and honor true heroes the likes of Milton L. Olive, Audie Murphy, Desmond Doss, Sgt York and the hundreds of other true heroes as well as the ‘unsung’ who I have personally known and witnessed their acts of heroism!


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