Johnson tweeted: “Black people your Focusing on the wrong thing. We should be focusing on having our own, Own team own League! To For Self!!’’


Larry Johnson is calling for an all-African-American league complete with black ownership, and black players. It wasn’t the first time Johnson expressed his displeasure with the fact the NBA’s ownership is mostly white while its players are mostly black.

Johnson was hired by the Knicks two years ago and serves many roles as a basketball and business operations representative. It’s unclear what his role will be under new team president Phil Jackson or how they will respond to his recent antics.



Larry Johnson (inset) suggested players form an all-black league in the wake of the alleged comments by Clippers owner Donald Sterling.


Johnson tweeted: “Black people your Focusing on the wrong thing. We should be focusing on having our own, Own team own League! To For Self!!’’

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  1. N.B.A. used to be all white. NO BLACKS ALLOWED. Now the league sucks. The BLACKS can have it. But no white fans either. We will form our own ALL WHITE ONLY league.

    • So now we return to segregation? Is that really your answer, Larry? You just made Gov George Wallace smile in his grave and Martin Luther King, Jr turned over in his. That would kill his dream for sure !!

      • Black people liked his dream, want equal rights but everything is pc for blacks for this and that, blacks are the biggest racists

    • But but but that would be racist! Geez it’s only ok for whites to be segregated. Whites can’t segregate that’s the ONLY TIME it’s racist! Smh

    • Lol we can’t do that because we will be raciest .. Like they have the all black collage but we can’t have an all white collage or they have bet tv but we don’t have a wet white entertainment tv lol nothing will change unless people are educated

  2. this is whats wrong with this country. the take the ball and go home attatude .if you dont agree with what someone says hey guess what dont talk to the person. dont go to watch the team . but no matter what its are 1st amendment right . some people are racist but what does it matter you wont ever get close enough to talk to the guy. and for larry johnson saying we need a all black league. man thats racist who cares what one white persons opinion is ? . the media is just blowing this all up because they dont want the people to know whats going on with the country.

  3. What is wrong with having an all black team, owned and managed by African Americans but without HATE for the white teams or managers if they develop. I mean no offense to anyone but if you have a child and you support them to grow and have there own life the child should never hate the parent for making them independent but should appreciate the independence they have been taught and be proud they were loved enough to be shown how to live life and apply it.

    • Because its racist… what if player announced they want an all white team with all white management… the black community and MSM would go nuts, and there would 100% be rioting in the streets! And, with all due respect, you are not African American, you are AMERICAN! Stop the division, its destroying this country!

    • In theory nothing is wrong with an all black team. Its that theory doesnt generally tend to be 100%. Sure as fuck if they allowed it to happen, within the first year it will change from one racist black guy wanting an all black league, to whitey running them out the nba because were a bunch of racist assholes who said we didnt want ni&£@s to play basketball with us anymore.

    • Black people could have an all BLACK team and it’s acceptable, white people want white team,pride,clubs,groups anything white were automatic labeled racist or white supremacist.wake up blacks hate whites but no one says shit

  4. Nothing will change. It’s a double standard! Until “they” (African-Americans) stop living as victims, which they are not, and live as equals this is the bullshit that will happen repeatedly in the country. But living as equals to all other races means handing in their “race card” and working for living.

  5. Yea but it was racist to have an all white baseball team…people fought for the rights they now have and take for granted with all their hate let him make the black league so we can watch it go bankrupt

  6. now who is being a racist,if there was an all white league everyone would be in an uproar about it but an all black one is ok…………..and BET and black history month but only whites can be racist……………..please

  7. Larry Johnson is on to something. He should lead the movement to form a rival league to compete with the NBA, much like the World Football League did with the NFL. Then they can raid the NBA for the best stars like LeBron, Durant, Howard and Paul to build credibility. It could work. The question is: how many of today’s NBA stars would jump to the new all black league.

  8. I’m so sick of all these frigging niggers.
    They want to whine & cry racism or discrimination all the time.
    But they never have any problem accepting a check or anything free from a white person though.
    Kill em all.
    And let hell sort em out

  9. Hell he is correct that sport sucks anyway then we could focus on real sports like weight lifting and golf it would only last about half a game anyway when they found out they were playing for food stamps and Obama care they would come slithering back like the snakes they are

  10. now that’s racist wtf ………but who cares whites get shit on everytime when something goes bad for a black person….what happen to freedom of speech

  11. We should have segregation…. Look at what’s happened since the desegregation…. Look at where all these “unknown” diseases have originated from…. From the people, and the water, and way they live. They brought jungle fever to America, and all the white women seem to have it. Then bitch about jungle rot. I liked it better when they weren’t just imposed on me. I’ll get to know the ones I want to know… Because as a whole, they are a lit of things. Us too.. too much change too fast. If we are all equal how come we all have want and use and do different Shit?! Religion, clothes, sexual preference… Trust me. No one is 100% happy with themselves. But you don’t have to change because everyone else is people…. Be some dang leaders for once. Stop following every direction….

  12. And that aint racist why? Because a black person said it. Theres more black racist in this country than anything. With that being said, let the hate replys begin

  13. Sounds like a racist thing to post. However, I think that many black people are quite racist for some reason. Since they have their own NAACP, black magazines, black schools, etc, perhaps they should indeed have their own basketball league. Good luck with that… Of course if white people did that the racism screams would be deafening. But hey, live and let live. Let them pour all their hard earned money into such a venture.

    • Those things were instituted to actually even things out for Blacks. White people have their own magazines, schools, etc too. It just isn’t explicitly stated.

  14. Time to fine his sorry piece of shit ass $2.5 million dollars, ban him from ever coaching or playing in the NBA, ban him from all NBA games, and stadiums. Make him sell off something he owns, like his POS house or cars! Let’s see IF the NBA Commissioner Adam Silver hands out the same punishment; I bet not!

  15. Let em have there fucking tree hockey. Let’s see how many monkeys come to the games. It’s the white man who made them the illiterate rich black bastards that they are today.

    • If they have an all black league…. We will see how much there salaries are.. With Suge Knight as there CEO and all there digital converter boxes to watch the games…. Im not Racist at all…. But when a hooker makes you jelous and walks you into saying some stupid shit. And people are to stupid to see the setup …fk them!!!!

  16. For one he can make his own league but he cannot say whites aren’t allowed its illegal and that quote points hate at white people andi don’t respect that get over yourself dude we all live together and you have a problem with me and my white brothers and sisters then fuck you? Move somewhere else if we are such a problem

  17. Really is this something we need to be teaching people. How racist one race can be. Now I must agree African-Americans can be racist, I went to an all black school and there are things that terrified me when they said it. Two, that girl was wrong for recording what he said in his own home. Three, he was wrong for even being that way. He should have known that was coming anyways. Four, white people have everything since they fucking landed on this damn land. They stole everything, so why white people got a problem when a black man wants an all black team. Back then it was only meant for white men..not even women…just WHITE MEN. This Sadness me, to know this is what is going on. plus these are real racist comments, and I hope you people all burn in hell for that.

  18. I’d like to see Larry get his Dream. The league would fold in a few years and then he’d come begging to the white man to bail his black league out! GO “F” YOURSELF!!


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