Jonathan Turley: Congress is Committing High Crimes and Misdemeanor Without Going to Court


If you thought the impeachment process surrounding President Trump was a little shady, maybe even a little illegal, it looks like you were absolutely correct. How will the mainstream media move to impugn Jonathan Turley’s character now that he has exposed Congressional Democrats for good? Check this out from Wednesday’s sham hearing, via Daily Wire:

George Washington University Law School professor Jonathan Turley slammed Democrats on Wednesday during their impeachment hearing on the House Judiciary Committee, suggesting that Congressional Democrats would be committing the high crimes and misdemeanors — not President Donald Trump — with the way that they are conducting their impeachment efforts.

Fox News’ Sandra Smith weighed in on Turley’s testimony, saying, “On multiple occasions he reiterated points from his opening statement ‘the record does not establish obstruction in this case’ and he called into question the timing of Democrats in their push for this process asking, ‘why are you trying to break the record with fastest impeachment? fast is not good for impeachment,’ said Jonathan Turley.’”


FNC’s Baier: Turley proved that Dems would be committing “the high crime & misdemeanor”

Here are some more clips from the hearing…


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