Judge Jeanine Interviews Trump: Law Enforcement, Black Lives Matter, Insane “Political Correctness” [Video]


Republican frontfunner Donald Trump talks to Judge Jeanine Pirro about his stance on Obama, the border, illegal immigration, black lives matter and his race for the presidency.


Trump said that O’Malley behaved “like a disgusting little weak pathetic baby” in his apology which Trump characterized more as being politically incorrect due to its nature than the typical political correctness. O’Malley caved to pressure to retract an assertion he made that not only black lives matter, but that white lives and all lives as well. Trump questioned how anybody can feel compelled to apologize for that, (HT Constitution Rising).

Constitution Rising reported that Trump points out that the American spirit has taken a hit under Obama, something that we all know and feel and that the belief in the greatness of our nation needs to be rekindled.

He saw Obama’s one potential when he first became ‘president,’ in spite of his total lack of experience, as being someone who could unite the American people. As we all know, just the opposite has been the case.

Trump recognizes the need for the “total support of law enforcement” who he says does an incredible job overall. He is not a subscriber to the current practice of vilifying the entire law enforcement community based upon occasional inappropriate actions of a bad apple or media-distorted incident.

She also asks him about his ability to work with Congress, a choice for Vice President and his wife, Melania as the First Lady.


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