Judge Jeanine: Officers Supporting Sanctuary Cities Have ‘Blood’On Their Hands (Video)


In her opening statement on “Justice,” Judge Jeanine Pirro called out police officers who support sanctuary cities, Fox News reports.

The judge said that these officers have a decision to make, and if that decision is tough, “get the hell out of law enforcement,” she said.

“I hate to say this; everyone of you in law enforcement who bought into this liberal nonsense also has blood on your hands,” Pirro says.

She continued with the heated attack on these officers.

“If this is a tough one for you and you are going to start listening to the ACLU or some liberal mayor who doesn’t give a damn about you, your contract or your oath, directing that you release the wanted criminal alien out the side door, then maybe you should rethink this and go into social work,” she said.

“You are too damn dumb to be in law enforcement.”

Photo:  Bing


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