Judge Nap Blasts DOJ For ‘Trying To Rewrite History’ With Orlando Transcripts (Video)

Judge Nap Blasts DOJ For ‘Trying To Rewrite History’ With Orlando Transcripts (Video)

Listen to Judge Andrew Napolitano explain how the deliberate attempt to hide the truth by scrubbing references of Islam and Alah from the Orlando terrorist’s 911 tape was a deliberate attempt at, “trying to rewrite history,” and has seriously compromised the credibility of the Justice Department.


Fox News reported  on “Varney & Co.” “They were trying to sanitize this, so as to give us, the American people, a different impression from what actually happened,” Judge Napolitano said.

He added that not only did they redact words like “ISIS” and “Allah” from the transcripts, they summarized events improperly.

“Yesterday, they told us in the summary that no shots were fired between the initial encounter between the killer and two police that were there and the breach [three] hours and 12 minutes later,” Judge Napolitano said. “From that, we reported that the killings occurred at the time of the breach.”

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He pointed out that contradicts previous reports of the timeline of the shootings, not to mention multiple witness accounts.

Judge Napolitano concluded that the document is an “tragic effort” by the government to sanitize history, which he said was certainly approved by Attorney General Loretta Lynch, if not President Obama himself.

Get more insight from the judge above, and let us know what you think in the comments.

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