Julian Assange: ‘My Next Leak Will Ensure Hillary Clinton’s Arrest’ (Video)


Wikileaks founder Julian Assange said that the next batch of Hillary Clinton emails his organization is set to release will contain evidence sufficient for an indictment, according to Anon News. 

During a recent interview with ITV, Assange said his next release will “provide enough evidence” to see Hillary arrested.

Silenceisconsent.net reports:

WikiLeaks has already published 30,322 emails from Clinton’s private email server, spanning from June 30, 2010 to August 12, 2014. While Assange didn’t specify what exactly was in the emails, he did tell ITV that WikiLeaks had “accumulated a lot of material about Hillary Clinton, which could proceed to an indictment.”

Assange hinted that the emails slated for publication contain additional information about the Clinton Foundation. He also reminded ITV’s Robert Peston that previously released emails contained one damning piece of communication from Clinton, instructing a staffer to remove the classification settings from an official State Department communication and send it through a “nonsecure” channel. Assange then pointed out that the Obama administration has previously prosecuted numerous whistleblowers for violating the government’s procedures for handling classified documents.

In regard to the ongoing FBI investigation, however, Assange expressed a lack of confidence in the Obama administration’s Justice Department to indict the former Secretary of State.

“[Attorney General Loretta Lynch] is not going to indict Hillary Clinton. It’s not possible that could happen. But the FBI could push for new concessions from the Clinton government in exchange for its lack of indictment.”

WikiLeaks has long been a thorn in the side of the former Secretary of State, who called on President Obama to prosecute the whistleblowing site after its 2010 leak of State Department cables. Julian Assange remains confined to the Ecuadorian Embassy in downtown London, as Ecuador has promised to not hand over the WikiLeaks founder to US authorities.

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  1. I believe the facts surrounding the Clinton Foundation will be her Waterloo, and they will be so damning that our Justice Department will have no option but to initiate indictment proceedings!

  2. I hope they release them before voting time. She is not fit to become a President. She is a habitual liar and has gotten away numerous times because of her lies. Go back 20 years and read of all her shady dealings. Anyone who got in her way ended up dead.If elected you might as well say goodbye to the USA as she believes in Islam and will continue to follow Obamas plans to destroy the USA and make it a Muslim nation. She will take our guns leaving us no way to defend our families.She will take alot of our freedoms away, leaving your children and Grandchildren with basically no hope for a future. By all she has committed she should be in jail. If we were to do what all she has done we would be.Look at the 4 deaths overseas. She told the wife of one of the men sarcastically said “Get over it, it’s done with. The woman has no feelings at all and basically did nothing when she was Secretary of State. She went to the Country’s ,yes, but accomplished nothing. It is said she is getting $$$ from Iran for her Convention. Plus speaker fee’s to the tune of over $100,000. I would not trust her to be President of the USA as I am sure millions feel that way. Please read up on her before you vote. Give your Children a chance to have a real future.

  3. I doubt it will make a difference unless they are so damning that the justice department has no choice. If I were a betting person I would bet on nothing happening.

  4. Presidential Pardon……that is what will happen if she is found guilty of anything breaking the law, UNLESS Obama isn’t president when it happens. Of course if Hillary becomes President, all charges will vanish or die. A no vote for Hillary sends the message “we have had enough.”


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