Kathy Griffin ‘Built a Wall’ at Her $10 Million Mansion to Block a Trump-Supporting Neighbor


Kathy Griffin admitted that she built a wall at her $10.5 million Bel Air mansion to shield herself from a neighbor who supports the president. Griffin claimed that she had to build the wall after her controversial photo shoot showing her holding an effigy of President Donald Trump’s bloody severed head.

Griffin claimed she built the wall because she was sick of getting in screaming matches with her “pro-Trump” neighbor.

Breitbart reports:

Griffin appeared in a video tour of her palatial California estate with Youtube star Shane Dawson earlier this month. At one point during the recording, Griffin admitted that she had been feuding with her neighbor, KB Homes CEO Jeffery Mezger, especially after she debuted her widely panned bloody head photos of the president.

“I have a neighbor on this side, and for some reason, ever since my Trump picture, he stands there and screams ‘Hey you fucking dike, you fucking cunt,’” Griffin said in the video.

“We kind of built, like a little… As Trump would say, we built a wall. I’m not a Trump supporter, but we built a wall,” Kathy Griffin added.

The discussion appears at about 47:15 but be warnedGriffin’s language is as vulgar as her antics. Her gusts display offence behavior as well.

Griffin didn’t identify Mezger in the video, but as Daily Mail noted, Mezger and Griffin have been involved in several legal battles since 2017, with each filing restraining orders against the other.

Mezger was also caught on an audio recording verbally attacking the obscene comedienne after her boyfriend Randy filed a noise complaint against his grandchildren last September.

The legal battles continued when Mezger filed a lawsuit this year against Griffin and her boyfriend claiming that they had illegally made a video of him and his family from the backyard of Griffin’s home.


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