Keep Kneeling! Week 3: More Empty Seats Plague NFL Stadiums Across the Nation


A picture is worth a thousand words… or should I say thousands of empty seats. As the NFL kicks off week three, the NFL is suffering the repercussions of players continuing to knell during the National Anthem.

Photos of empty stadiums continue making their way across the internet showing that the league is struggling to bend to the players demands and make fans happy, which obviously they are not succeeding at or the stadiums would not have thousands of empty seats.

Vikings and Jaguars fans have clearly had it, despite the fact that both teams made deep playoff runs last year, Breitbart reports.

According to photos, the Vikings also found fewer fans than they may have hoped at U.S. Bank Stadium. The game did not go their way, either, as they were handled by the Buffalo Bills 27-6.

Things looked just as bad for the Houston Texans at NRG Stadium as they lost a close game to the Giants, 27-22.

Photos also seem to show a dearth of fans for the Broncos-Ravens game at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore where the Ravens took the day 27-1.

It’s apparent the Falcons were not able to fill seats at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Hometown fans that did attend suffered as their team lost to the visiting Saints 43-37.

At press time, the Los Angeles Chargers were struggling as they battled the L.A. Rams at home at L. A. Memorial Coliseum. But photos also noted that fans were less interested in the game.



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