Kerry Indicates The U.S. Will Defend Iran From Israel Including Military Assistance [Video]


U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry indirectly agreed that the U.S. would defend Iran’s nuclear program from Israeli sabotage on Thursday, in a hearing at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee where he was grilled over the Iran nuclear deal.

When Senator Marco Rubio pushed Kerry for an answer if the U.S. would use military force to protect Iran from Israel, Kerry would not answer. His answer was “we will be coordinating very closely,” and “wait till we get to that point.” 

That is as dangerous as Nancy Pelosi saying, ‘but we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it away from the fog,’ about Obamacare and look how well that turned out.


Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) put Kerry on the spot when he asked him and Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz whether the controversial articles in Annex III on page 142 of the 159-page deal would stipulate that the U.S. block Israeli attempts to scupper the Iranian nuclear threat.

The articles in question state clearly that the U.S., world powers and the EU are obligated saying “co-operation through training and workshops to strengthen Iran’s ability to protect against, and respond to nuclear security threats, including sabotage.”

It was revealed that Obama has pledged the United States military to protect Iranian nuclear facilities against any and all aggressive moves from Israel, and any other nations like Saudi Arabia who oppose the deal.  

U.S. and Iranian officials also confirmed that no American nuclear inspectors will be permitted to enter Iran’s contested nuclear site under the parameters of a deal reached with world powers, according to multiple statements by American and Iranian officials.  

Obama made a deal like this with Iran whose Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei went into a tirade on Saturday, blaming the American “arrogant powers” for getting in the way of the Muslim world’s duty to unite and destroy Israel, and chanting “death to America! Death to Great Britain! Death to Israel!”  

Israel National News reported:

Moniz did not reject the possibility but tried to deflect the implication of betrayal of Israeli security interests, saying, “I believe that refers to things like physical security and safeguards. All of our options and those of our allies and friends will remain in place.”

Undeterred, Rubio responded, “I guess that’s my point. If Israel conducts an airstrike on a physical facility, does this deal… require us to help Iran protect and respond to that threat?”

The secretary of energy hesitatingly replied by claiming that the clause would not obligate the US to respond to an Israeli airstrike.

Kerry then got involved, saying, “the purpose of that is to be able to have longer-term guarantees as we enter a world in which cyber warfare is increasingly a concern for everybody. If you are going to have a nuclear capacity, you clearly want to be able to make sure that those are adequately protected.”

Responding to Kerry’s hint that the clause is meant to defend Iran from “cyber warfare,” Rubio asked if the deal obligates the US to defend Iran from an Israeli cyber attack.

“I assure you that we will be coordinating very, very closely with Israel as we do on every aspect of Israel’s security,” said Kerry, tellingly refusing to directly answer what the deal obligates the US to do in such a scenario.

“That’s not how I read this,” replied Rubio.

“I don’t see any way possible that we will be in conflict with Israel with respect to what we might want to do there, and I think we just have to wait until we get to that point,” responded the secretary of state, essentially indicating that America’s actions won’t be clear until the moment of truth.

Coordination with or against Israel?

Despite the claims of “coordination” with Israel, the Israeli response to the clause shows that the Jewish state understands it to be a promise to defend Iran’s nuclear program from Israel’s attempts to defend itself.

“The US needs to defend Iran from an attack on its march to an Iranian (nuclear) bomb, because of the excuse that the nuclear (facilities) are for civilian purposes?,” a senior Israeli diplomat at the Prime Minister’s Office said Monday.

The clause is all the more significant given that a number of cyber sabotage attempts in recent years have successfully halted Iran’s presumed march to the nuclear bomb – most famously the 2010 Stuxnet virus. Those cyber attacks have been popularly attributed to Israel, as well as US President Barack Obama.

Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon in May 2012 indirectly hinted that Israel may have been behind a computer virus that followed Stuxnet and was launched against Iran, known as the “Flame” malware.

The cyber sabotage option is all the more important due to Iran’s development of its physical defense systems potentially blocking an airstrike; a top Iranian general announced last week that Iran will unveil new missile defense systems in September including its own version of the Russian advanced S-300 system.

It has been warned that the advanced systems would be able to block an Israeli or American airstrike aiming to take out Iran’s covert nuclear program that reportedly is aiming to build a nuclear arsenal.

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  1. Kerry is a treasonous pompous ass. Why in hell would our military attack our closest ally? Why are we defending a TERRORIST STATE?

    • If Congress allows this to take effect one can only hope the American people will finally rise up in mass protest and demand that their representatives block this insane agreement. It must be a Wonder Of The Modern Universe that the American people firstly allowed themselves to be duped by the biggest political fraud in their country’s history and then elected this dangerous buffoon, along with his Mad Hatter’s Tea Party of an administration, a second time and now seem bent on electing his female clone, Mrs. H. Clinton.
      Either Obama is utterly incompetent or in fact his actions (and non-actions) have been deliberate from the outset. American people it is time to wake up and take control of your destiny, with the awareness that it is tied to the security and welfare of your erstwhile allies and in fact the entire Free World.

      • We were duped Gary and Obama are fucking traders to our country they will stab Israel in the back just like they have us since they took office Carrie was a traitor during the Vietnam era war and Obama has been that way since the day he started breathing

      • How do we do that ? We are just little people with no power at all and congress doesn’t seem to know how either or on his side . Today Obama said if they veto the agreement , he will do it anyway even if it is sgaint the law. What can we do ?

    • I was so SURE it was against the law to make deals with Terrorists and give terrorists big BIG bucks! Silly me! And all anyone can do is a little hands wringing??

    • Why in the hell would our military attack our closest ally? Because Obama and all the liberals HATE Israel! Obama is a fucking muslim and muslims hate Israel and the Jewish people! That’s why!

  2. What is going on in this country that I now hate? Israel has always been our best ally and Iran a regions worst enemy. Now the idiots running this country into the pit of hell has just announced the worst decision ever to defend Iran against Israel I pray God brings USA to ruin how darn anyone to side with the devil. Israel has and will always be Gods country and the people the Holy Ones of God. This country is worst than Sodom. I thought the Worst was allowing homos marriage but this betrayal of Israel in face of Iran is past Evil. People always will pay for this. “God will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel.”. This stupid country is run by Muslims el president and the evil ones from Hell going back to Hell. I’m glad our forefathers don’t see this only two hundred years and the trash have taken USA to her knees. Everyone will pay for their sins. Judyth McDonald. Israel forever down with USA

    • What u think about israel is wrong Judith, “My country” is one of the most racist country on planet, im jewish live in israel[mixed decent english/german/iraqi] , 99% of the population in israel today are the “right wing” think that the arabs are subhumans that deserve to ride on camels back at stone age, they dont want to allow to arabs to take advantage or progress in anything, they think the arabs/muslims should live still at the of the “stone age” and stay forever the slaves of west and Israel, My country unfortunately, didnt learn anything from the holocaust. Arab and muslims are not what they used to be in the past anymore, they did lots of progress in technology, science, space, And now Iran most likely has an electromagnetic airspace defense program, and they did progress in many other aspects either and we must comply and accept it already and let them the right to live as we do, or just drink the water of the dead sea!

      • That’s not racism. “Muslim” is not a race, nor are all Muslims “Arab”, nor is “Islam” a race.

        OTOH, you would be hard pressed to find a Muslim or Arab who does not want to destroy Israel. Or any who do not want the Jews dead, en mass. For that matter, you would be hard pressed to find a Muslim who does not support the subjugation of every infidel on the planet, or their death if they refuse to be subjugated.

        “Muslims” did nothing in the past. Arab culture had great advancement. The Muslim cult and the Islamic social system it defines destroyed all that a very long time ago.

        Why would any nation, any rational nation, want to aid the advancement of self-avowed enemies? Of course, why am I bothering to even attempt to discuss this with you? Your use of the term “right wing” clearly denotes your own fringe left and/or Muslim tendencies. That, of course, makes you a propagandist at best.

      • What kool-aid have you been drinking? Your assertions are all false, or partially false and partially true. Did you ACTUALLY TYPE: “Muslims did lots of progress in technology, science and space”? Compared to the tiny nation of Israel, the entire Muslim “Umma” look totally incompetent. If you have comparisons to make, let’s see them. Muslims are the laughing-stock of civilization. The only things you seem good at are Madrassas, Suicide vests, IEDs and the love of donkeys and goats. If Muslims wish to be accepted as normal people, then they must learn to do what normal people DO. STOP trying to tear-down your superiors and instead leave Islam behind and adopt our Christian values, our love for the rights of man to be free from tyranny, educate your children in the same way we educate ours so they can grow up to become honorable and successful and happy members of our society, not goat-screwing woman-hating people who only know how to show ENVY and HATRED.

  3. Israel is more at risk for the actions America has taken against them than any Iranian attack. Obama has let the World know that Israel has nuclear weapons. Iran is now a protectorate of America by virtue of Kerry’s answers to direct questioning in Congress. God Bless America. God Damn those who would see it destroyed.

    • Israel does what’s in its best interest. When they sold spare parts to Iran when Carter was trying to get the hostages out was bad for America but good for Israel. The bombing of the USS Liberty was in Israels best interest. Pollard was in Israels best interest but not ours. President Obama is doing what’s in our best interest. Iran saw what happened to Iraq because Iraq had nothing to fend off of an American invasion. BTW Israeli intelligence was working with Kerry throughout the negotiations. This deal is in Israels best interest. Iran has a big enough military to do great harm to Israel even if in the end Israel was to win the war.

      • Obama has never done anything in the best interest of the US; a nation and ideal he hates. If there is a best interest here, other than Iran’s, it is that of the regressive left.

  4. NO WE WILL NOT defend iran against Israel,we will stand with our ally before we protect a terrorist country ,as a matter of fact kerry you need to leave office and move to iran…..perhaps for your own safety

    • I am so thankful to see all of y’all’s posts and know that I’m not the only one that realizes this administration is insane if they think we’ll attack our greatest ally. Kerry is delusional.



  6. I believe, according to the legal definition of treason, Obama, his administration and Secretary of State John Kerry himself could very well be charged with treason or at the very least, charged with providing material support to a terrorist organization. But no matter how you look at it, Obama has way overstepped his authority on many occasions including this one because he is not authorized by the Constitution to negotiate treaties or ‘deals’ on behalf of the United States without the approval of Congress. And not only did he NOT have prior approval of Congress to negotiate a deal, he didn’t even have permission to explore the possibility or seek out a deal. It’s way past time we deal with this out-of-control imposter, would-be President. He’s not my President and he certainly hasn’t earned my respect.

  7. I have heard just about enough from this administration to confirm my beliefs that Obama is our enemy. Never in my life have I heard ANY president condemn America like Obama has. Nor have I ever seen ANY president, like Obama, SUPPORT terrorism, both financially and verbally.

    Obama TOTALLY disgusts me as a president… He is NOT a leader in ANY sense of the word, and believe me, having served 23 years in the SEALs, I know many true leaders. Obama IS the most INEPT leader that America has ever had in our entire history.

    People that still believe in Obama are totally brainwashed and so blind that even when Obama is obviously lying to them, they believe he is telling the truth. Such people are indeed sheep of the highest order, and a threat to freedom loving Americans everywhere.

    I know of NO SEAL or other Military person who would ever follow an order to attack and kill a representative of the Israeli military… This is TRULY Armageddon thinking…

  8. As a Christian, I go by what God said…He will bless those that bless Israel and curse those that curse Israel. America, if this goes on, we are toast.

    • You kidding me, U.S. Vs. Iran? Fight over in the first round, U.S. Wins by knockout or TKO at worst? Who will protect the U.S. From Iran? Putz!


  9. We’ll see how many American Jews will get on a plane for Israel’s aide as many did during the 67 SIX day war. Israel kicked Arab butt so bad, so FAST, that people barely had time to pack>>LOL. Screw Kerry!!!!!!

  10. BS headline, watch the video. Kerry’s answer was NO, to a direct question by Rubio. He was asked does the agreement mean if Israel attacks or sabotages Iran, does the U.S. Have to defend Iran? Answer was No! Most of you morons probably didn’t even watch video, just went by headline and typed words written by the crack reporter who used a misleading, attention grabbing headline.

  11. It won’t happen. According to the Bible, America and Brittan will sit back and do nothing (while detesting the attack) and watch as Russia, Iran, and others attack IsraelIsrael only to watch Israel kick all of their asses.


  12. Both Obama and Kerry need to be charged with treason, shackled to a dark jail cell with duct tape over their mouths. Those two alone have brought this planet closer to total destruction than any leaders in the history of mankind. They are both in way over their heads, but think the’re not, and trying to have us believe they aren’t, total inilation is right around the corner. They need to go, ASAP.

  13. This asshole Dave presenting the comments is so full of it if it was not serious it would be funny, where does he get off saying most countries, most Americans, most congressman agree with this deal, he has been reading sear catalog in the out house.

  14. Kerry is an ass-hat if he actually believes for one solitary second that ANY one of the USA’s military would obey an unlawful order to take any kind of action for Iran and against Israel. We serve with honor and pride. NOT treason.

  15. Herman Munster had more brains than kerry….even though they were someone else’s brains….oh wait…i forgot, kerry IS Herman Munster.

  16. The writer of the above article rants about the US not being able to inspect Iranian Nuclear sights. Neither will any other country of the P5+1, that is the job of the IAEA. This is the organization that inspects all nuclear sites of the members of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.


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