Kerry: ‘Thanks To Obama, Iran Is Less Dangerous Now Than Before Deal’ (Video)


Secretary of State John Kerry said thanks to Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran, they are less dangerous now than before the deal.  “It’s not as dangerous as ever because it will not have a nuclear weapon,” Kerry told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Tuesday.


“It cannot by definition be as dangerous as ever. It’s not just for the short-term. I have faith and confidence that we will know exactly what they are doing during that period of time.”

The Hill reported that the deal, announced last summer, gave Iran economic sanctions relief in exchange for greater restrictions on atomic energy capabilities.

“Iran deserves the benefits of the agreement that they struck,” Kerry said. “It’s fair for Iran to get what it deserves because it has to date kept its end of the agreement in the nuclear deal.

“I’m not into prognostication about what their behavior is going to be. Iran needs to make some clear decisions about the role it intends to play in the region and the world.”

Obama said Friday that Iranian leadership was not following the “spirit” of the deal.

Kerry on Tuesday said Iran is struggling with internal divisions over whether the nuclear deal benefits its people.

“Everybody has seen this fight play out publicly. There are people in Iran who oppose the Iran nuclear deal with the same ferocity as they do here. And they still do.”


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