Kevin McCarthy Takes Aim at Democrats: ‘More Subpoenas Than Laws’


The immense impact of the Democrat’s newest mutation on impeachment is still reverberating throughout the hallowed halls of Capitol Hill as legislators begin to grasp what this could truly mean for our nation.

This was a historic day, there is no denying that, but the limping-in to this position is what has many in Congress concerned.  For all of the time and taxpayer resources involved, we only have this thin strip of accusations of go on.

All the while, We The People struggle with prescription drug costs, a humanitarian crisis on the border, and a rough-and-tumble trade war with China.  The inaction has prompted the President to label this progressive class the “Do Nothing Democrats” – a title expounded on by Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

“This Congress’s records is more subpoenas than laws. That’s the legacy,” McCarthy said in his remarks during the House’s debate period. “It is not just devoid of solutions for the American people, it is now abusing its power to discredit democracy by using secret interviews and selective leaks to portray the president’s legitimate action  as an impeachable defense.”

“Democrats are continuing their permanent campaign to undermine his legitimacy,” he added.

McCarthy has not been alone in his criticisms of the “resolution” voted on today.

House Rep. Louie Gohmert egregiously insinuated that a “coup” was taking place, and that it could spark a “civil war” in our nation.